Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stitchy goodies, old and new

This week has not been alot accomplished as far as stitching. I have seemed to be so tired when I come home from work that I take naps which is not usual for me. However, tomorrow (today) I'm off and hope to get finished with a Christmas ornie at least and move to another ornie.
I can't believe Sunday will be November 1. But I'm so glad that the time will change back one hour. Much easier to adjust than when it springs forward an hour.

I really didn't think I would win this item on Ebay but thought it quite interesting and I did win it. It's an old Dutch stitching magazine, called The Modern Priscilla. 45 pages of old articles to read. I love it!

Take a peak........

And I also ordered The Sampler Girl Companion Booklet 1 which will be going out of print this weekend. I've always admired these designs and that gave me a little push to go ahead and get it while it's in print. I love the pink one!

Our Labs are having a BarkFest event tonight so sleep will be challenging. They get into these moods occasionally and it makes for a long night. I don't know what they are barking at. Could be deer, bear, another's crazy.
The Afghanistan situation is worsening by the day this week. I wish now they would just bring them all home. That's another crazy thing. Two of the deadliest days for the US was just this week. The weather there is getting very cold at night and we were told that mail there will be only dropped out of helicopter to the unit twice this month. That means I need to get busy putting packages together again and looking ahead for the next month.
Work has been extremely busy this week and tiring. So, I"m looking forward to Thursday (which is actually today by now) off to recharge.
Till later,


  1. With my three big dogs in the back yard at night, I had to get a white noise machine to sleep. Just a suggestion....

    Wish the Af. War would become a priority of the Presidents instead of golf.

  2. Yes, I've been sleeping with a white noise machine since Brandon was a senior in high school. He would come in so late sometimes and then after I went to bed he would act like it was 3 in the afternoon,like stay in the kitchen and eat, and go music upstairs. I'm addicted to my white noise machine but it does block out the large dogs.

  3. oh yeah, Obama the drama king.
    read my next post I saw today, top headlines on Yahoo.....


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