Friday, September 3, 2010

Guns and Roses

yep, had a good  birthday, just me and my honey after a long day of work. I quit counting how many years old. Let's just say I'm vintage.

We ate spinach dip and chips and red velvet cake with a beer! He gave me 2 dozen roses and a card that melted my heart.

yep in the middle of my pile of threads. LOL

I was shocked. 2 dozen.

This is from yesterday when I went into the small clinic I work on Tues or Thursdays.

They are the sweetest in this clinic, it's a smaller clinic and we feel like family there. I've never been treated so nice as in that clinic. Probably just like a family should feel. I honestly wouldn't know, but I think this is what a family would feel like on birthdays.

Today we thought about Elizabeth. Our hearts were heavy as she had a birthday with me in the same week.
Two other of close friends today also said they felt Elizabeth heavy on their hearts this week.
Her birthday was Sept 8th. Mine the 3rd. We used to laugh alot about being Virgo's. We used to laugh at all kinds of things on a picnic table at break outisde the clinic.
Oh, how I miss Elizabeth!

I remember the phrase from a  poem,

I know as the years go onward and leave the past behind,
much I counted for sorrow but proved that my Lord was kind.
That many a long-for flower had a hidden thorn of pain.
And many a rugged bypath yielded to fields of golden grain.
~~author unknown

part of Life' Lesson's poem I received over 20 years ago from a close friend at my son's funeral . And it's reminded to me daily in my thoughts even years later.

 Hope your day went well and you find someone who is real like Elizabeth.
She unfortuantely gave up way too soon. I get weepy thinking of her lately.
I wish I had one more conversation with her. But have to let that go.

Vacation starts for me today and next week is a staycation and then leaving for Chicago the next week. Can't wait for the Chicago trip!!!

Till later,


  1. Happy Birthday Jennifer! The roses and cake look fabulous!

  2. Happy Birthday to you....!!!
    What gorgeous roses! I know you were pleased and the expressions of love at your office was so sweet. And yes, friends are like
    Enjoy your time off and these cooler temperatures!

  3. Two Dozen--Wow! I think smack in the middle of threads is the best place! It also sounds like you got to eat all your faves!

    Thanks for the info about WM; I had spoken to someone who was in charge of planning new openings and expansions on the night that WM went 24 hours, by chance, and he said 2 "in our area" were keeping fabric--"for now". I'd be stockpiling, too If I were you. I mean, sure, WM doesn't have "the best" fabric, but there are gems--the stripe ticking I have came from there. You'd think they'd be selling more lately with how popular yarn and fiber arts have gotten these past 10 years. :/

  4. Happy, blessed birthday to you,
    sweet Jennifer. Praying for
    God's richest blessings in
    yours and your husband's lives.

  5. Happy Birthday Jennifer! I didn't know!

  6. Happy Birthday Jennifer!

    We have a birthday together... mine is 9-11! Then there is Velda (Angelic Stitches Patterns on Cyberstitchers)her birthday is 9-15.

  7. Happy Birthday! And don't forget the quote, friends are the family you choose for yourself, so you DO have a large and loving family!

  8. Happy, Happy Birthday Jennifer...
    What a lovely morning with your clinic family...yummy looking cake,too:)
    Here's to a wonderful vacation for you and hubby (oh, and ms.abigail)

    I know you'll bring back lots to tell us along with goodies, cause you seem to find those everywhere:)

  9. Spinach dip, chips, cake, beer, roses and a card... delightful!! Glad you enjoyed your BD and I hope you enjoy your vacation just as much :^)

  10. Happy Birthday ! The flowers are gorgeous and the cake looks delicious.

  11. Happy Birthday! Your roses are gorgeous! What a sweetie your DH is!

  12. Happy Birthday! The roses are beautiful.

  13. Happy Birthday! The roses are beautiful.

  14. Happy Birthday!!!!!! Glad you had a good day!!!

  15. Happy Birthday,,glad to hear you had a wonderful day,,


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