Friday, October 30, 2009

What I stitched tonight.

Making my ornie for Christmas. A freebie design from the Sampler Girl. I used 927 blue DMC and Chili Pepper Crescent Colors for that nice pop of color with the backing fabric.
I'm working on completing the surrounding border which is stiched directely onto the fabric.

I will then trim down the design another 1/2 inch to make it smaller. Use the fringie idea. and sew the right sides of the material together. Iron good. Then an inside out it goes and iron again.
Then fill with something, either stuffing or lavender seeds, or I thought about whole Cinnamon sticks for that Christmasy fragrance. Who knows what I"ll think of by the time I finish it tomorrow.

then on to Sampler Girls' ornie in the JCS Christmas magazine that came out in Sept. 09.
I will check my colors and if short, may make a trip to my LNS Sat. to get those.
Oh well,
nite, nite,
don't let the stitching bugs bite........


  1. That saying is very cute. Did you say freebie? Is it one of her older ones? I think your doing a great job and it will make a great ornament.

  2. Wow! This is so beautiful! Just visited your blog for the first time (came from Parsley's) and love it! Those Sampler Girl patterns are amazing, especially if you love Jane Austen and i love her novels.
    Now I'll have to try some!
    Best wishes

  3. It looks good Jennifer! Those ornaments are great, aren't they, for some quick finish gratification!

  4. Hello Jennifer, I love this design from the Sampler Girl. Very nice. :)

  5. This was a freebie she put in my order this month. I do not believe it's on her website.

  6. I got this with my order too and as soon as I saw it knew who I would make it for. Should be a quick stitch! :)


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