Thursday, October 29, 2009

Best Information on H1N1-CDC

The best information for you and your family to read about the H1N1 vaccine is at CDC--Center for Disease Control in Atlanta Ga. As a former public health worker, I can't emphasize enough how important this site is for information. There are alot of myths out there about flu and the vaccines. This is the latest page transcript here:

At the general CDC site there are pages and pages of information about this vaccine, safety, how it's made the same process, at the same plant, with the same material as the seasonal flu. That doesn't mean people won't have reactions to flu shots but at least this information may answer some questions. I thought it was very informative.

For us, in women's health, it's quite frightening that pregnant women are dying more from the H1N1 disease than other groups. The vaccine, injectable is highly recommended by the CDC (not the live virus nasel spray) for the high risk groups. This site is well worth your time in reviewing.

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