Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Sunday afternoon in the mountains

Today~~ our day to drive over to Young Harris, Ga. which is about 30 miles from here......30 mountain miles, so it took about an hour. We were going to look at Chichi puppies from a breeder. She also has a Pet Lodge there as well.
We did several other things which included going by our burial plot. This past summer we purchased burial plots (I know that sounds morbid) but it brought us peace and we picked out this spot right in front of 2 oak trees. The mountains are in the background and these white wooden crosses were already there right next to the lot.
Today, being the peak of the leaf season, we drove over to see for the first time how the oak tree will look in the Fall season.
Here are the wood crosses.

This is one of the oaks.

in this picture, it's pretty small but the biggest tree in the center is the tree.

I think of Forest Gump movie when I see this......but honestly, it was a perfect spot right in front of those oak trees. We also are going to put a little bench there beside the tree.

Mountains also on the other side view.

Ok, to a brighter note here, on the way to Abbie's house.
Was quite colorful and stunning.

we stopped for a snack and a Dr. Pepper like I was at the movies LOL

Body Guard was driving and I was looking at the beautiful colors!

Not a cloud in the sky today! Gorgeous!!!!! We are so lucky to live in this area.
And we feel especially lucky to see lots of different toy Chichi pups and this one picked us out.
Abigail Renee, and we will call her Abbie.
When we first got there, she showed us all the different pups she had and we decided on this long-haired white female with brindle markings. If you look closely, you can see the brindle light brown that is on both her ears. She has very thick hair and is the cutest little pup.
We will pick her up in 2 weeks, November 7th. She is weaning still from her mommy.
Full grown she will be 3-4 lbs. She is about 1/2 pound, if that, now.
Body Guard didn't have any qualms about this new puppy. He loved her too.
Then we went to Daniel's Steakhouse for their famous buffet. That's where my LNS, The Dogwood Patch is located now (soon to move to The Stitch Store in Buford).
Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, okra, salad, and they had THE best sweet potato souffle ever today. We had banana pudding for dessert.
So, it's been quite a Sunday!
When we got home, we had huge bird feathers, and alot of them waiting for us. Thomas gave us a gift. Don't you just love cats when they bring you gifts! LOL LOL
Time for some stitching now.........the weekend went by too fast!


  1. I love all those fall colors! Here in the desert we don't get to see that here. I think it is great you have your plots all picked out. It looks pretty and peaceful. What cutie you two picked out. She is so adorable. Congratulations. Thank you for sharing your Sunday with us.

  2. Oh, that puppy is go adorable! I wish I could have one of those. If I got one though, my family would call it a rat. LOL If it doesn't weigh 40 pounds or more, it's not a dog. But what a precious! Sounds like you had the most wonderful of days. Your scenery is breathtaking there!

  3. Beautiful pictures. You're living in a great area. The spot you both picked out looks really beautiful and pieceful.
    Love the new puppy.

  4. Oh wow! It is truly beautiful there. I just loooove Autumn.

    Your new baby girl is adorable. She is so tiny and cute! Abbie is a lovely name too.

    Cats and presents! I do hope you acted suitably impressed. A friend's cat once brought home half a raw fish, still wrapped in foil. They never did find out who she stole it from!

  5. OH, my dear, that was a perfect day! I love your Miss Abbie, she is just adorable, and looks like a perfect fit in BG's arms :) Congratulations mommy. Now, can you wait the 2 weeks? ;)

    What a gorgeous area you live in! I am amzed at the colors, ours are not anywhere as multicolored as your yet, way up here. I love GA, I drove with my friend from Atlanta down to Tybee Island, and it was an amazing drive, though the middle of summer, top down and breezy all the way :)

    Hugs kiddo :) Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hooray!!!! That's the one I think I would have chosen.

  7. Lovely pictures ! Abbie sure is a cutie pie !

  8. I LOVE little Abbie! I just hope the others will also! I bet Ren won't know what to think.


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