Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Best Sale in Stitching History!

I just got the mail........I mean THE mail, baby! Or should I say, my hubbie said on the way out for lunch---"you've got a package here, dear"......I LOVE THOSE WORDS!!!!

I'm beyond giddy this afternoon.

The Sampler Girl had the best sale in stitching history last Friday and I took full advantage of it while I could.
Wow! was it a good sale! Thank you Sampler Girl! You made my day, my week, my whole winter and Christmas too!

She is quick to send out your orders and tapes them up well. LOL
So, I got excited and just tore open the envelope and eye candy just jumped out at me.

Would anybody like to see these beauties?

don't I have about everyone of her patterns now? That's ok by me.

Love this one for our kitchen!

Oh and I've wanted for this one for our pink and white bedroom upstairs. The Mary Davies, I just love pink and I love samplers so, there ya go!

This is the Lady Washington's Sampler. Beautiful.

And one of the Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility.

On Travel with Jane Austen which is also stunning!

The Beggar's Purse sampler. I loved reading the story on her website about this one.

The Indigo in Low country Sampler. I have a weakness for blues, not the blues, but Dutchy blue colors......
Also got the Christmas Booklet, The Sampler Girl Companion Booklet 1, which she says will go out of print by Sunday. Here ye, here ye, all over to her wonderful website and take a look. Many of her patterns I stitched this past summer came from those Sampler Girl Companion booklets.
I'm a very happy camper........I mean, stitcher ;)
And because I love all my stitchy friends, I'm going to share one of these beauties as a giveaway. Stay-tuned.


  1. Good grief Jennifer - what a haul. You must own each and every one of her designs! They are great and should keep you busy for a long time.

  2. Hi there! I 'm waiting on my sale items to come in the mail too! It was an awesome sale Thanks for the H1N1 info too. Canada is going strong with the vaccinations too. I am an ob/gyne nurse in Toronto Jennifer . Have fun with the Jane patterns.

  3. Deb,

    It was the best stitching sale
    A're a hoot! ;)

    They should be there soon. Awesome is a great way to describe it!!

    So, you are in Canada. How long has your area been giving the H1N1 vaccines? Seems that we are just now getting them by the end of the week in our area.
    What has your experiences been with any reactions? Any different than regular flu shots?


  4. Jennifer,
    You're so cute. It's always nice to know there are others out there who get giddy over patterns AND a sale. LOL


  5. Hi again, In Toronto they started last week to immunize. Tomorrow( who wants to line up on Halloween day!!!) they start in my city which is 30min or so outside Toronto and there are clinics all week long at diff times. I haven't heard of any reactions . My parents live 8hrs north of me and they got theirs this week and so far so good. Our area is starting to talk about a shortage so I think my family of 4 is planning on going sometime next week to get the shot. Love your new ornie!


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