Monday, October 26, 2009

My thoughts on today

Seems Obama is taking a working vacation again in Jacksonville, Fla while his wife Michelle, is sporting new fashions according to the news today. It's also reported to be one of the deadliest days since 2005. Our men are over in Afghanistan waiting with the General on a decision. Obama said today he will not be rushed to make a decision that will put our men in harms way.....HELLO????? What about the ones over there?

I'm so, well, so out of myself today to keep hearing that more men are dying over there while he is taking vacations all over the country and picking out family portraits and on and on and on. America, hello America.........speak up, speak out or we are in deep .....well, I can't say but I can say that indirectly if you listen to his golf working vacation spill today, he doesn't think it's right our men are in harm's way right now. Well, I vote he send them all home. I can only imagine morale over there right now with this.

Now, that has nothing to do with stitching.....well, I guess it could because if America keeps going down Obama's road, we won't be able to purchase any more patterns or buy materials. People are still losing jobs and the economy probably won't get better if we are diddle daddling in a war instead of getting the job done and leaving /or better get out and use the money to build our own country up.

So, opinionated as that is today, I can say that most of my evening will be glued to the news channels to see the latest updates. Not a pleasant day to hear that 14 were killed today while he is saying this casually in Fla, on a working golf vacation.

I remember back in the election run-off's when they were debating and one of the questions was about what the President would do if he/she got a call at 3am. Could they handle it? I remember that. I think this decision warrants a 3am callup. 2 months is extreme. Maybe I'm wrong and if you want to comment that's fine either way, but somebody, somewhere help this man. If the General who is on the ground with the troops has expressed nearly 2 months ago he needs help now and our President is still with this attitude, I'm almost changing my mind to think he likes the situation. What is his problem?

You know one thing sticks in my mind.
If someone is saying they are not making a decision, they really have by doing nothing.
Now, that's my female version of Glen Beck tonight.........
back to the news.


  1. Amen to that. Don't even get me started!! I am tired of seeing Obama vacationing, and on Letterman, and Leno, etc. GET TO WORK MAN!!!

  2. and we have 3 more years of this???

  3. Amen, my thoughts exactly!!


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