Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween in Afghanistan pics

This man has the patience of Job. He is intelligent, smart, and an army general. He is McCrystal.

He is in his 8th week of waiting for some help for our men in harm's way. There have been random thoughts of sending only half or less than what is asking for and calling it the McCrystal Light. How demeaning. The man was handpicked by Obama. But, he will not listen to him. Sad.

This is one of the best pics today, women sewing on top of a building. Probably to get away from all the fighting. God bless them please.

Now, South Korea is even sending more troops. Hello Obama?

These pics of today just frustrated me to no end. Dogfighting. Violence in another degree which seems to be enjoyable to them. They can't get enough of it. They are raised in it.


And it never ceases to amaze me that these folks can pose for cameras but the US can't find them. What? Hello, again, Mr. Obama.

The tension is getting high due to the election .....again.......coming up.

women in their burquas. I think some the fabrics are really pretty.

Back to dogfighting. Why do they love violence so much? This is a crime here. I feel sorry for the dogs.

Fighting of other nature has to be done by our men because it's an endless situation over there.
Yes, it's Halloween here in the US. Just don't forget our men who are dressed up to protect us.

There are some good folks there, trying to live a decent life. But, how can you when the violent extremists pop up any time like Pac Man?

Night vision aides our men to do their jobs even at night.
Picking up the pieces of a blownup tank from this week.

Just a few of our men who gave their life.

our boys toohusbands and fathers.

while the men left are still trying to get the mission done. Hey, Obama, what is the mission by the way?

That's what this fine man is waiting on too.
Such is Halloween day in Afghanistan.
Out in the open.

hiding in crannies.

Yep, that's Halloween in Afghanistan.

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  1. Thanks, Jennifer, for taking the time to post this. I wish I had that kind of patience just in my every day life.

    I pray for all our service people and hope they all come home safely soon.


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