Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time is Precious

Brandon got 2 weeks of leave from Afghanistan. Congrats, Brandon!!!! Welcome back, son. We are proud of you!!!!!!!!

Hope you are having loads of fun at the beach right now!!!!! We miss you! We are praying for you every day. Have as much fun as you can, while you can..........time is precious.

Love, Mama


  1. Bless him and protect him Lord.

    Thank him for us.

  2. Thanks for your military service and sacrifice. I am so grateful for our Armed Forces!

  3. Thank God for our servicemen! How proud you must be of him. I hope he is able to relax and enjoy his time away.

  4. May God bless him and keep him safe. My thanks to him for his service.

  5. God bless Brandon! I hope he enjoys every minute of his R&R - he deserves it!!

  6. I'm praying for him too, Jennifer! Thank him for his all sacrifices and service. I hope that his time is relaxing. Definitely very well deserved.


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