Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shoes are a Girl's Best Friend

Please pardon my random postings today of nonstitchy stuff but I had a little fun on Friday when we went on our day trip. I visit there probably every 3 months or so and the particular shoe store I wanted to visit is only open 3 days a week, and I haven't been on a day they were open in about a year so I made up for it (yikes)

The store is called Goody Two Shoes in Augusta Ga. Now, I've gone to Goody Two Shoes for 15 years because this little place in the middle of a very bad section of town has some downright excellent buys. It's in the project section. Carry a gun, if you go. BUT, their shoes are from models that have only worn on the runway once, therefore they practically give them away at the prices. All their shoes are name brand, leather, famous designers. And what's great is you can get 3-4 pair of shoes for the price of one at a Mall. Before I moved here, I worked in Augusta and have memoirs of looking at Goody Two Shoes at lunch. My closet can attest to that.

I love shoes. My closet is full of them. I, being the pac rat, own more shoes than ......well, it's probably illegal. I'm a girlie girl but found these boots, Timberland, waterproof that fit perfectly and are.......snake proof. Now this is an important feature for me and something I've been trying to find for a very long time. I did so many happy dances in the isles of Good Two Shoes that I had to sit down from the adrenaline rush! The heart palpitations and the shortness of breath was overwhelming.

My next lucky pair are for work, more professional but oh, so comfortable.

These felt like a glove. A bedroom slipper. They are naturalizers and I will really wear these alot. These were Body Guards favorites.

And my most favorite find. I fell in deep love with this pair of shoes and when I put them on and they fit. The Body guard hid under the next isle as he didn't want any association with a woman shouting with glee in the store! LOL He did look at me with a raised eyebrow at this pair. But I love them!
He has been amazed from day 1 of our marriage at how many shoes a girl can collect. You should have seen his face when we first moved in after we got married. He was in shock at the shoes. I think he has about 3 pair. Again, he is pretty basic and I am, well, a little complex ;)

Bye, bye Goody Two shoes until next year probably! I love you!!! and miss shopping there on my lunch hour :(
But, again, I don't think we have enough closet space for any more.
Body Guard is still recuperating from the shock of our shoe trip. He took 2 Advil and is feeling better. LOL Not really, just joking, he actually likes to sit back and watch me have fun in the shoe store. He's the one that carries the gun for me to shop in places like this. LOL
Do you love shoes too?


  1. Aren't new shoes the best?! A girl can never have too many!

  2. Oh, baby, the last pair you posted about are simply MAHR-VOU-LOUS!!!! I caught my breath when I spotted them. I have a serious case of shoe envy...enjoy your shoes!


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