Saturday, September 12, 2009

Life is Good~~~~

Life is good today and this is why~~~~~~~~~

my son is safe in this country taking a break from war

my daughter has a boyfriend..........I'm so happy for her!!!!

my husband is happy with his new workshop and made alot of progress today with building workbenches and sorting his guy stuff.

my dogs are happy little fellers napping away.

I had a relaxing day finally getting that pedicure I've been wanting for a while. AHHH!!! nothing is better than a foot and leg massage and pretty toes and fingernails. A nice hair trim completed my pampering.....LOL

Quilt store shopping for fragments of Christmas ornie backings for those new Just Crossstitch ornaments~~~ OH, those colors are to die for in the quilt shop!

eating lunch at Taco Bell in the car looking at the mountains

perusing a primitive store called Bessie Mae's Cottage and inhaling all the Fall soy candles! Ye old Homestead was my favorite.

Passing the vegetable stand and admiring all the pumpkins coming in !!!!!

Walking in the woods by the house and picking up a basketful of acorns. They are so pretty!

Fixing to eat something with my hunny for dinner.


  1. It sounds like you had some of those moments of joy that give meaning in life.

  2. Yes, life IS good... you are truly blessed :^)

    I look forward to reading your blog every day. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

    I hope the rest of your weekend is as enjoyable as today was...

  3. Sounds wonderful but my eyes stopped and stopped hard on TACO BELL - I love that place!!!

    Lovely thoughts and blesings!

  4. Nachos Supreme! :)
    come to think about it, I like just about everything there, so it's a hard decision when ordering....LOL

  5. Praises and blessings, dear friend, for a life's beauties :) These are the treasures that we hold dear.

    Taco Bell addicts unite!



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