Monday, September 7, 2009

Stitching can get a little like microscopic biopsy procedures

I felt like this evening I performed microscopic surgery on the area to the left which is supposed to say 1811.
However, I thought that the Pea Pod Green and the Bean Sprout Green would blend and they did, very well. (hey, I stir mine together to eat them) So, well, that after filling it all in, I asked Body Guard
"what does that say?"

he looks and raises his eyebrow and said "is that supposed to be numbers?"--my first clue

then, me "yes, it's a date" ----then he got excited and after I said, "no, a number date silly" he calmed down and said.......

"it looks like maybe.........maybe.......19--07?"

Me. "Nope it's 1811"

That's how it all began.......

I knew my surgical skills were necessary to excise just the 1811 out of the grass area. What a nightmare! I've spent more time doing intrauterine procedures than this.

For a while, I thought I was going to be learning basic hardanger as I almost cut the linen to get out the Pea Pod color. Then as I was thinking about how hard hardanger looked to do, I realized why the word "anger" is in it and smiled..........Oh, I can do it, I can do it..........

Done, I reached into my bag and grabbed whatever color that would contrast but not scream at me and stitched in the places I biopsied practically to remove. LOL
I am happy to say the procedure went well and the patient is recovering. No major complications occured.


  1. It looks great--looks like your procedure was successful. ;)

  2. Been there, done that...way too many times.

    BTW, I recently posted about a great hardanger tutorial, if you're interested.


  3. Your stitching looks wonderful. I love the new look of the date!


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