Monday, September 7, 2009

It's a Full Moon, can you tell?

Ruby is wondering when we are starting the grill for those Shrimp Kabobs. No, Ruby that's for tomorrow's lunch.

Raven is sleeping like this.

And Thomas is pretty wild tonight hanging over the rails when there is a 30 foot drop. He is a brave soul.
Look at those eyes!


  1. Usually the hospital can tell it's a full moon by the many babies born...least that's what I've been told!

    Give your fur babies a kiss for me.

  2. Oh Parsley you are the sweetest!
    Yep, that's true about the birthin' of the babies. I can attest to that! LOL

    I gave them kissies already this morning. Thomas came in for his milk and zoop, back out to playland and then Raven and Ruby were covered in mud and wet. They had been swimming in the pond below our house! I guess it's Labor Day.




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