Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Much Better Day Today

Thank goodness today was my off day at work so I could get a breather after yesterday's episode.

It would have been my inclination to just pull the covers over my head this morning and stay in bed but no, I pushed it, got up, had my coffee and went in to stitch with Terri at my LNS in Hawaisee. The drive there is nice anyways. The mountain views are more intense and I could detect the earliest Fall colors, just a subliminal change, but it's coming I can see.

I took the Blue House Sampler to get one more green skein of floss as the grass has taken up almost 1 already. We had a good time today and I got to mosey around the shop and look at all the neat stuff she has........again.......LOL. I took my Scarlett pattern to show her and ended up deciding on a count fabric to best stitch. My concern with Scarlett is that her dark hair on a ivory background would be not covered well enough. I didn't want to gray Scarlett's hair (although Rhett probably did that for her) LOL so I sampled a few counts over 1, and over 2, and even larger counts over 3. The best one was 22 count which I am going to stitch 2 over 1.......I think that's what we finally came to the conclusion.......Fabric was 20% off today so I went ahead and got Scarlett started.

Another lovely feature that I think is neat is that she serged my material. Love it! She used pink thread, my favorite color.

I picked up a pair of orange scissors and a small, tiny box to make a pumpkin keyfob.

Also got a Xtra large zipper bag to keep larger projects in and the new Christmas ornament issue. Eye candy!

We then went to eat at a great restaurant locally and it was so, so good!!! I had fried chicken wings, turnip greens, carrots, black-eyed peas, fried veggie sticks and a good salad. I didn't have room for dessert!

I brought my goodies home and watched TV a little. Being the nightowl that I am.....I'm so trying to change that...........I'm ending my day on a better note than yesterday.

Friends and stitching are the best cure for anything.
I hope you had a good Thursday today too.


  1. I'm so glad you had a better day. Just cuddle up with Ren. I think he's a therapy dog ;)

  2. I'm glad that you had a much better day then the one before. The nerve of some people. Love that new chart you picked up! And you're making some good headway on the blue house! I think that a trip to an LNS will almost cure any ill that you have!

    And you bad girl, I keep going into that Stacy Nash site and oggling everything - you're going to get me yet! Maybe when I finish this section of Ann I'll feel justified in buying a few things! I could use some cute fun things to stitch (okay, I already have some, but what's a few more)! LOL

  3. Here's to always having a better day than the people who give you problems.

    Congrats on the stitching progress.

  4. I had a wonderful time as well. Although I went to bed as soon as I got home. Good friend, good food, a long drive = good sleep.

  5. Yes, Terrie, we have to do that again. I was so full after Daniels Restaurant that night! It had the opposite effect on me, I was energized the rest of the night! Enjoyed my goodies I got while there. I bet I've looked through the Christmas magazine 10 times at least! LOL



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