Friday, September 11, 2009

My other 9/11 Heroes............

Ok, I had to lighten up my blog a little.

I have to give credit where credit is due. This is Ren.....when he was about 5 years old. Makes me laugh. Wasn't he a babe magnet???? He thought so back in the day.........his favorite spot to sit when he saw me start cooking supper was the refrigerator so that he could shiver and make his eyes water for pity......AND he usually got something for a treat too........not spoiled at all. He shook so hard for attention, he looked like a hummingbird!

Such a random thought tonight.........but doggie lovers will appreciate it. Ren has watched me stitch many things. He went through trying times of my kids at 3yrs and 5 yrs, dropping him on the floor, playing with him like he was a playmate then. He growled a little.....ok, maybe alot with Brandon. For some reason he was very jealous of Brandon.
He went through the day of 9/11 and the year of 2001-2002 when I was left so BG could serve his Reserve time for a year.

My other hero........when he is serious
and the fun side here. I know it looks like he is in jail, but he really is on a transport bus on a vacation here.
Bodyguard and I had to really laugh at one of the posts this week from Vonna as she thought I was dancing with Dr. Phil. Funny, because alot of people say that. LOL
Hilarious. I think he is a cross between Bruce Willis and Garth Brooks.
He has been in law enforcement for nearly 30 years so he's seen a bit of everything from Southside Chicago to the ghetto of South Georgia. He also had a bit of change in his life with 9/11/01. At 44 he decided to get married and after we did, 5 days later after the wedding, he got activated again in the Reserves for 1 year so we were apart. He was due to retire until 9/11/01 happened and then he and alot of others served their time in contributing to counter terroirism.
Lives changed but sometimes, in looking back, the challenges strengthened us to where we are today.
Hope you are starting your weekend with some heroes in your life!


  1. Ren is such a cutie. In his younger days he'd love little Cookie as a girlfriend LOL.

  2. What a cute doggie Ren is. A real babe magnet. Love your labs to. Labradors are it that they are in general a tad less elegant (we had one long years ago)
    Great pictures of your husband too. He looks very impressive when on duty. It's lovely to read how happy you 2 are. It shows clearly between the lines every time you write about him. :)

  3. Oh, Parsley, Ren would have loved Cookie! Oh my goodness, he was once in love with his "pal" we call it. A stuffed animal with sheepskin on it......yeah, we had to buy alot of those pals for him! LOL

    Gabi, Thanks so much about Ren. Yes, the Labs are a little hyper and goofy sometimes but lovable.
    Thanks for the comment on my hubbie and I. We've been through some times together that's for sure but the foundation was always the same. We are very close.


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