Friday, September 11, 2009

A Day to Remember 9/11/01

I don't know about you, but I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I first learned what happened on 9/11/01. It's like a moment in time that froze and even though we weren't there at Ground Zero, all of America shuddered at the thought of those frightening images.

BodyGuard and I were engaged to be married only 2 months after this occurred and it was before we moved up to the mountains. I was going into work late that morning at a clinic out of town. I worked for public health at that time.

He dropped by my house to say good morning and while I was rushing about to get ready to leave, he turned on the TV and couldn't believe what they were saying about the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. He came to me and told me and at first I couldn't believe it! Of course, I was in my usual spiral on the way out the door looking for shoes, gathering paperwork, finding keys and he was always talking about disasters and crimes and emergencies and he stopped me and said, "For real, the World Trade Center just got hit". Then I stopped and looked at the TV screen and remember watching the towers fall and the replays were horrible. We thought initially that it was an accidental plane incident. Then, the awful news that it was intentional by terrorists.
We were shocked. Our clinic was canceled. Work was cancelled. I was frightened.
So, we sat and glued to the TV all day, not believing what we saw.

This event changed many people's lives, even if not at Ground Zero. The ripple effects in hindsight were great challenges.

The nation was in chaos and terrorism had a very different meaning. I think 9/11 touched everyone in some way.
.......... the volunteers, firefighters, law enforcement and community and the teamwork.

Since this time, there have been commentaries on 9/11 on TV that were quite interesting and the witnesses, the testimonies of the families, those last phone calls, were bone-chilling to hear.

In our community, each year on 9/11, a restaurant or two will sponsor lunch for the police officers and firefighters, paramedics. I appreciate all that they do to make our world a safer place.

Do you remember what you were doing at the moment you found out 9/11 happened?

Remember who you were with?

It's just one of those days I'll never forget.


  1. I remember that date so well because my husband was in NY the day before and his plane was cancelled and thought he would have to come home the next day (9/11). He did get out on a later flight (fortunately). The next morning I realized how blessed I was that he did get that flight out.

    I was driving in my car when I heard the disc jockies on my favorite station joking about some lame brain had flown too close to the towers. Then they're making fun because the plane actually went into the towers - calling the pilot a drunk. I drove to Toys R Us to get a birthday present for my daughter. In line, someone's husband called and said another one had gone into the towers. Then everyone's phone were ringing. I tore out of there in a state of fear - turned on the TV and when I saw it I about died. I ended up pulling my kids out of school and kept them close. I have to say it was one of the most horrible days I can ever remember seeing.

    We were worried also because my SIL works for the government and at that time was located in the Pentagon. She was fine but the memories live on.

  2. It was an amazing and horrible day. We were outside the country on vacation and couldn't get back in for a couple of days because all the airports were shut down. I remember the kindness and sympathy that the Canadians showed us while we stayed extra time in Vancouver and how frightened we were (I was) at getting on an airplane and flying back into Wash., DC. And how we cheered when the plane landed safely.

    I love the colors in your house--what a gorgeous combination of blues and greens.

    And since I'm getting caught up, and read your earlier posts, what a horrible, unkind comment you received. In my eyes, your son is a complete hero.

  3. oh my goodness at how this day was so scarey to everyone. The world became a smaller place.
    I was afraid and very far away. I can't imagine being on a flight or a family member on a flight somewhere! Goodness!
    so glad you dropped by. Hope to hear again from you soon! Thank you about the colors I like in my house. I do use alot of Delft but really a mix-match of stuff.
    Unfortunately I felt I had to write about Wednesday because I as stunned at how someone so intelligent made such a cruel joke and laughed at the situation of our nation and my son for goodness sakes. But he likes his freedom and his money so there are some greedy people out there.......and hurtful......
    like someone said yesterday why don't he get out there and do the job?
    Oh well, on to a better week........

  4. Yes, I remember. I had just started a new job and was being trained. The store had the radio on and the news filled the store as the customers and employees stood still to listen in a silent shock. Some customers even made the comment it sounded like another War of the Worlds hoax.

  5. Honestly, I've blocked most of it out but I'm trying to remember as I type. I think I was home. I can see the second plane hitting. I can remember feeling like things weren't real.

    Later, I asked my daughter who was 5 years old at the time to explain in a drawing what she thought happened. It was incredible and dramatic.


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