Monday, September 7, 2009

Some cooking going on!

Lots of cooking going on right now! Shrimp kabob goodies are now Raspberry Vinegarette Salad Dressing as I ran out of Italian. They will get to know each in the frig for about 2 hours while I finish the cookies. I will cook some sweet corn on the cob on the stove.

Sinfully delicious cookie dough made with Nestles Milk Chocolate Morsels (instead of the semisweet) with a cup or two of pecan pieces
turns into these.

and these

and then eaten right off the pan with a cold glass of milk. Now that's my Labor Day cooking.


  1. That looks fantastic. I LOVE shrimps...and cookies too.

  2. We're having chocolate chip cookies too!!! Ben would freak if there were pecans in them though. LOL I love cookies AND brownies with nuts but around here - nutless pumpkin bread too...unless I made more than one loaf!


  3. Gabi,
    Just come right on over girl and grab you a plate! LOL

    I think I ate too many while I was cooking them. But, speaking of the pecans, I don't always put them in there and this time I just got a bag of pecan pieces instead of pecan chips and they are so so good with that chocolate! YUM
    My husband eats anything, well just about, so I don't have to worry.
    He doesn't like the bell peppers so much and I noticed he sorted those out to the side tonight......I love bell peppers.
    Before we got married he had a freezer full of Saulsberry Steak TV dinners, so it's easy to please him now!!! LOL


  4. Even though I just ate dinner, I wish I was near your house! LOL

  5. yep, come on over Deb! Bring that scissor frog with you too now.....pick me pick me.......LOLLLOLOL



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