Monday, September 7, 2009

Your best tour guide

Tonight we got a picture of BG's mom in South Holland, Ill. She is in the last pic and a tour guide at the Labor Day festivities there. The Paarlberg Fest presented by the South Holland Historical Society. She is the sweetest you'll ever meet, will be 91 very soon.
She has been the tour guide for the historical society in this well-preserved house. The Paarlberg and Dalenberg history is very interesting; however, I am a little biased ;)

The first 4 pics were taken on our trip last year. I just love this house! It's set up like a museum. Alot of Dutch history here. I have lots of pics from last visit but I picked a few for my stitching friends!
Wish we could have been there today!
Embroidered pillow cases.......

The sewing room.

This is Evelyn, my mother-in-law. Smartest lady you'll meet. She can tell you the German alphabet without any trouble. She is not a day without a crossword puzzle and will complete them daily from the newspaper. She also has tatted for years. Almost 91 now. Here she is in her costume at the festivities today. She is the tour guide.

I thought this was a great picture of her. We try to go once a year to visit and that will be soon coming up. Can't wait to go!


  1. I put this comment on my blog but didn't know if you'd see it. You should see an old post of mine, it will make you want a puppy even more!

  2. oh my....
    oh my.....
    here I go showing the pic to my husband! I've got the puppy fever again.
    I wonder how Ren would like a puppy? He will be 16 this month.

  3. How wonderful and look at that cool phone!!!


  4. Yeah, I want to be like this at 91.


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