Monday, September 7, 2009

Frames and Thangs!

I'm up searching for the perfect frame for the Blue House Sampler. Here is one that I really am seriously considering. It's called Sweet Honey. It might be the one.

This pattern is appealing to me from Brenda Keyes, Grace and Virtue. I've been looking for something a little like this to fit my antique frame (8in) that I got last year when someone was selling out there stash/store. It's been in my stash box for a year. (See frame of mine ----the last pic). This pic is from an Ebay seller, just for you to see the pattern.

I'm stuck amongst greens. I am using the Bean Sprout color, Spinach, and Pea Pod as called for in the pattern. But today I feel like I'm losing my date on the sampler. Maybe I'm too close to it. I will continue on and hope it will all fall together. I've got lots of grass to do. Methinks the Honey frame will be the one to grace it.
There's one thing that this sampler has taught me is that I need a scroll frame. My qsnaps are sliding and stretching this particular brand of linen all bonkers. Yeppers, a scroll frame. I've been looking at some suggested by Deb (thank you) and contemplating the size I need first, then can add slowly later.

Here's my frame I love and it needs a sampler in it, doesn't it?

Well, I woke up this morning to pancakes and coffee, which was really good and then BG is going to grill up some Shrimp Kabobs on his newly made firepit outside. I haven't cooked kabobs in several years. We have some fresh sweet corn to go with it.
Hope you are having a blast of a Labor Day!

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