Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Freebie For Valentine's Day Sampler: Love Is

Love Is
designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2015

I hope you enjoy stitching up this little sampler. You can use any colors you want. You can even work all of it in a pretty overdyed red color for redwork.

Print this only for personal use. Please do not sell or pin on Pinterest. Thank you.
This will be free for a short while on the blog.

Please feel free to share this webpage/ website blog with others by html.

Linen of choice

105 x 100


If you stitch this up and would like to share a pic of the finished product, please email me at I enjoy those emails and will put them on the blog here.

I hope your weekend went well.

I love finishing off the weekend with Downton Abbey at 9pm. This year is certainly moving right along with mystery, romance, and just about everything in this season.

In between working, I am reorganizing one entire room, closets, clothes, and redesigning it for more practical use. This has been a long time project but I am about to see the light! You Tube has certainly helped me in doing this large project.


  1. Thank you Jennifer I love it! I sent you several messages on facebook. I hope you are doing well.

    1. hey Pat, so sorry, don't know how I missed them. I will go see if I can find them. Yes, I'm doing well now. Very very busy with a new full time job though so less time for the computer.
      Thanks for commenting here! Love to hear from you.


  2. Beautiful design for Valentine's Day,, Jennifer. For all year actually. I love it and thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work. Could you give me some sites to go to on You Tube for help in organizing? I have a big job here at our house. Especially after being sick for so long and with such little energy. I have to start somewhere! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Love you girlfriend.

    1. hey girl! Oh if you could only see the rooms I have spread out things, you would think I were fixing to move. LOL Literally, I'm taking things small at the time due to working so much but I will share some on organizing on this blog as well. Very good topic.


  3. Deareset Jennifer,
    Very sweet sampler you show here!
    Love is caring... I'm praying that my dear Mom is not suffering much till she's granted passage to heaven.

    1. Mariette, you are so sweet.
      I will pray for her tonight and add her to my prayer list. I too hope she is not suffering. I will pray for you as well. Take care,

  4. Sweet! I'm glad you are back designing and sharing all that is going on in your corner of the world : )


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