Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eye Candy and interesting finds

I will share some finds that are pure eye candy!

I found this baby hangers and I wanted to show you how they were made. I got 2 of them. The owner of the prim store, I know her, she said that she had these when her children were little, 25 years ago and I'm not sure who stitched and fixed them like this. But it gives me an idea. I have many old clothes that I wore (oowie, that's almost a half century!) and of course Meghan wore this dress too. There is a pink and a blue wooden one.
The pink color one is soft and the color didn't pick up well in this pic.
By the way, that's me and my Brother in that pic to the left when I was about 3 years old.

This is the front of the blue hanger. I love the Bluebird here!
The pink one, but the flash washed it out. The dress is the one I wore myself and my daughter Meghan, wore.

I plan to put one of my son's outfits on the blue one. Anybody ever seen these or cross stitched and put them in the hanger like this? I think whoever did this was crafty!

Quilt store guilt trip........couldn't resist this pack of squares. I'm sure I won't make this many ornaments, but hey, let's set some high goals, right!

more eye candy

Today is a quiet restful, fill-up your coffee cup 5 times, morning and I"m enjoying the sunshine through the windows. It's cool outside with a nip of Fall in the air. Ren has just finished enjoying his Strawberry Cream oatmeal and I'm trying to get motivated to move some more stitchy stuff downstairs to my sewing area.


  1. These hangers are gorgeous. Just gorgeous.
    Great fabric too. :)

  2. What fun hangers! Your dress looks so sweet hanging on it. Great fabric that will become a great quilt, I'm sure. I've gotta get my hands on that ornament issue..

  3. Those are the most beautiful hangers I have ever seen! I want candy! :)


  4. Love the hangers, I have never seen anything like them before!

  5. Thanks all. I like to find ideas for putting my stitching into different things besides framing and this one was really neat.


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