Sunday, January 31, 2010


I could almost swear this pic was Brandon because, without his hair, it looks just like him.....but I'm sure it's not.

Anyway, this morning news is about 2 of our soldiers getting shot in the face/killed in a province very close to an Afghan interpreter. I tried to copy and paste the article. You can read it if you click to the right column of my blog under "Afghanistan" and go to the article.

Thank goodness they have been using bomb-sniffing dogs more as most casualties are from IEDS, or Improvised Explosive Devices.

This pic is the current breakdown and location of extreme presence of Taliban. It really didn't help me to know that part of myself is over in the most dangerous zone, the part I raised and protected from our own personal war years ago.

So, evidently the incident that occurred yesterday (or one of the incidents) there were more, was that 2 of our soldiers........OUR soldiers, risking their butts for our country, and working with interpreters from the Afghan army........all of a sudden got shot in head by the interpreter and to top it off, the article says it has nothing to do with war, it was work pressure of the interpreters.
I don't really care what they say, It has to do with WAR! GEEZ!
If you ask 10/10 soldiers that are deploying over there, what the mission is, they will tell you to rebuild the infrastructure and to train the Afghan army, with an emphasis on training the Afghan army. I've heard that so much I could croke. It's kinda hard to train an army when they have already been brainwashed to hate Americans by the age of 3.
At the end of the article it does say that the interpreter was then shot to death by our army. So, is this endlessly insane or what?
We sat here yesterday evening wondering if the army would drive in our driveway to tell us the bad news. We googled everything we could.
About that time we get an "accidental" (I guess) phone call from my dad and while we are going "Hello? Hello? " and nobody is saying anything but breathing, then I'm certain he his out of his mind. How cruel can you get for him to just call, we went through this in Dec. and he won't leave a message. He thinks its neat to get us all upset. He lives for this kind of thing. We called back and he didn't return our call.
You know, lesson is this. If you call someone by mistake and they answer, don't just breathe on the phone, say I got the wrong number. But this is part of his "payback system" for what, I'll never know, except being born the wrong day.
I'm so thankful I moved away from that dysfunctional mess of a mess that I do happy dances occasionally when I think about it.
And my friends, the further you get from a toxic relationship, the more toxic it really looks in hindsight and you wonder, how the hell did I live through that stuff?
That's is one exact reason I don't go on Facebook. I have an account but never use it. There are some faces I don't want to see again. I know my blog is public my at least I have comment moderation on it now.
So, I'm counting my blessings again.
1/ my husband is doing remarkably well and wants to ride to Walmart today......woohooo.....for an outing
2/I don't live close to the people that hurt me anymore.
3/the military didn't drive up to our house last night.
4/I have a working computer so I can connect with friends.
5/I have a job to go back to tomorrow.
Count your blessings names them one-by-one...............remember that hymn?


  1. Thank goodness the Army didn't come to your house last night and I hope they never need to! How awful is all that mess over there. I can hardly watch the World News (or even local news) anymore. It's all about hate, violence and hurt.

    I am so sorry that your dad did that to you. What a cruel trick.

    Yes, I agree that counting your blessings can make a big differnce. I hope the rest of your day is better.

  2. Jennifer,

    I can only begin to imagine what you go through on a daily basis worrying about Brandon. Thoughts and prayers are with you!

    Glad to hear that BG is feeling better!

    Thanks, as always, for the reminder to count the blessings!

  3. Keep praying hard for Brandon to return to you safe and sound. As a mother of 2 grown boys, I can only imagine what stays on your mind.

    Thanks for your kind words about my sampler! It was fun ans staying in the WIP basket WAAAYYY to long.. It will come to you how to finish off your little sampler... Love all your finishes!!! Stay safe and WARM!~

  4. Thinking of, and sending prayers for Brandon and all the soldiers and their families. It's a terrible time.

  5. Glad to hear BG is feeling better and wants to take a ride to Wal-Mart!

    Thank you for the reminder to count our blessings! I am keeping your son and all of the men/women in my prayers as they defend our country!

    Robin in Virginia

  6. I am simply shaking my head in confusment over the family situation. I just don't understand why they'd add insult to injury.

    Anyway, you have a great outlook on it by counting your blessings.

  7. Somewhere in reading your blog, I discovered that your son and my son share the same birthday....
    Brandon is in our prayers.


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