Thursday, February 4, 2010

I think the Weatherman is confused~~~~~

Well, BG and I sat in our chairs all afternoon watching the snow by a cozy fireplace. It's so tantalizing and calming to watch the forest turn white, pure and clean again.

At the same time, the weather lady on TV continued to say we were getting rain in the area, about 1/4 of an inch......this went on and on. We were really confused as big snowflakes were falling. We took some pics because we just knew no one would believe us that it was snowing instead of raining. They kept showing detailed maps of only rain in our area. Strange.

The weather lady just said after 4 hours of it that we might get snow tonight late and that the worst is yet to come.

Body guard is determined to take me to work and I'm so not into riding OR driving in snow cross your fingers for us tomorrow. 35 miles of sledding in a Malibu.

I worked on Emma sampler some today, then a few minutes ago I rummaged through my basket and found a SNOW cupboard sampler by the Sampler Girl in her Valentine Booklet which is very appropriate for this evening so, I gathered my colors and just a few minutes ago started on it.

Yep, weather lady says there's a flood watch out......

and the temps are dropping........

The Sled is ready for tomorrow morning.........


  1. You and bodyguard be careful in all the Rain ( SNOW) lol . Your pictures are proof of snow. lol
    Loved the new start !!!

  2. You guys be careful if you have to go out in it! What an appropriate new start for you!

    Have a warm and cozy weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Oh yeah--they are DEFINITELY confused! I need to check my weather for tomorrow... we sometimes get what you get the next day! Yikes!


  4. Maybe she was talking about invisible rain!!! LOL That is just crazy!!! Be careful tomorrow.

  5. Wow! We live several miles away and we did not get any accumulation!


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