Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Inspired

It's late, I'm finally sleepy. Very sleepy as I stopped working on the Winter Cupboard Sampler by The Sampler Girl in her Valentine Booklet. I've enjoyed those patterns and reading them

I finished a few snow flakes and poured out my buttons jar for pinks.

I'm making into a pinkeep when finished and puttin a few buttons on it.

Working on a larger snowflake in a substituted color of CC Lunar Eclipse.

Of course the CC Secondhand Rose inspired me to pick this fabric.

It's subtle, my next snow flake is very dark CC Blacksmith Blue, along with a date and the word "Snow" scattered about.
I thought fitting for an evening by the fire, listening to the wind howl, and seeing the snow.
Nite nite.
Don't let the love bugs bite!


  1. Great progress! How much of that "rain" did you end up getting?

    Stay safe and warm today!

  2. What a cute pinkeep. Can't wait to see it finished!

  3. That will be one gorgeous finish. Love the colors and the buttons.


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