Monday, February 1, 2010

Monochromatic samplers

I ordered a monochromatic pattern that I really was drawn to in the mail. This is a design from Examplars From the Heart.

A reproduction Dutch sampler which is one color of silk. Red.

A beautiful rich, red.

I got this from Vickie Clayton's Hand Dyed Fibers website.

I got a large thread winder to keep the silk.

It's simple yet striking.

It makes a statement without being overly done.
I'm pleased with it in reviewing the pattern.

The old Dutch motifs are very pretty.

I'm using the recommended silk fibers in Gandy Tango, a rich red.

This is the first time I have ordered fabric from this website and I really like it, a bit gauzy but it's 32 count Light Coffee.

If you haven't visited her website, you must take a peek.
Her mother of pearl winders and products are very reasonable in price, as well as her silk fibers.
Just wanted to share and see if you've used her fabric before.
I love monochromatic pieces. They seem to be more travel-friendly. You should see my thread pallette card right now while I'm 2/3 finished with the Emma Project, the card is quite a mess.
I like winders because you can still store them in floss bags in between projects.
So what's in your stitching basket next?


  1. What a darling sampler. I love the simplicity of it! Your color choices look perfect. I can't wait to see your start.
    I have tried Vicki before, and I've been happy with her silk. She has amazing prices!
    Take Care.

  2. What a gorgeous red! It reminds me of Scarlett's Red Dress! GWTW is my FAVORITE movie too! I love monochromatic samplers and does make them easier to travel with. I just finished a PA Dutch motif sampler and loved stitching it. I think you will have a wonderful time stitching yours too!

  3. I love this sampler. I'm in love with the monochromatic samplers!!

  4. Oohh! I love the new choice! The red is fantastic. I will be finishing up "Dirty Snowmen" today and was thinking of starting a Quaker design that will be all one color - afer seeing your red, I may just go in that direction myself!

  5. What a beautiful project! Love that red...and that thread winder is gorgeous!!!


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