Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Day After at the Homestead---a sampler that lit up my day

Well, it's a quiet, almost uncomfortable quiet day, here at the Dalenberg homestead. Tired from lack of sleep and watching Abbie walk over all of Ren's usual pathways, she looks puzzled. As much as we tell her he is not here, I'm not sure she understands at all.
She's gotten extra attention today.

Body Guard said it was too quiet and he is cleaning, behind the refrigerator and has his work tools going to fix whatever needs fixing. I guess that is one way of getting through grief.

Which makes Abbie walk around every time he turns on the vaccuum and twist her head like this:

She may need doggie chiropractory if he doesn't stop with the motor tool sounds and the vacuum.

And then she is standing by his empty kennel we still have to move and looks at me with a stare.
She constantly walks his usual paths and goes back to the blanket and once tried to put her paw in the blanket to see why he is not there.
She is grieving in her own way.

And me? Well, I'm reading and the mail lady made me smile when this came in today for the Giveaway. Perfect timing. I needed something positive.
Here's the Kelmscott scissors.

And when I flipped the chart over I read this on the back. You will have to click on the picture to read it. I was stunned as this was not on the ordering information and how coincidental is this to receive the morning after Ren passed?

I couldn't believe it. The story behind Sallie's Feather Tree by Carriage House Samplings.
And if you have read my blog for a while you probably remember I put up a small tree just for Ren and it's called Ren's Tree on the corner of the kitchen. Very ironic.

This sampler does have options to use silk or DMC. The recommended fabric is 32 ct Meadow Rue from Lakeside Linens.
Silks either au Ver a Soie's Sorie D' Alger
or DMC
The model was stitched in the silks.

Thank you for all the comments of encouragement and support. We both appreciate so much each and every one of you. You have shown more kindness than any in the world.

Ren's kennel will be donated to the local animal shelter. I have ideas to plant flowers around his grave but right now don't have the energy right now but later.
As I woke this morning and pulled back the curtains, I can see his spot with the butterfly on it. He is facing the mountains, very close to the house and has the morning sunshine.
I will miss this fellow. But I did smile knowing he is in a better place and can see now.
I'm so glad I picked this one as a give-a-way now. Perfect timing.

Till later,


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss Jennifer. The story on the back of the chart could have been made for you! Thinking of you all x

  2. What a wonderful story on the chart - it will be a very special sititch for you. Perhaps you can find somewhere on the chart to place Ren's name as a remembrance!


  3. Rest in Peace sweet Ren. I will miss reading about him, but I must say, he could not have had a more loving family. I am so sorry for your loss.

  4. Poor Ren. It breaks the heart to lose such an unconditional friend as a pet.

    My baby girl Murphy crossed 3 years ago in September after 15 years of being my best friend, confidant and comfy kitty pillow when I slept. My love bird stills says "Come here Murphy" and my cat sleeps in her "sister's" spot and fervently looks around waiting to get swatted. We all still miss her from time to time. It just shows what great animals we are blessed with that they leave such a hole when they go to the Rainbow Bridge.

    People at work laughed at me when I had to leave early the next day but those with enough love in their hearts to love all beings understand the pain.

    I am truly sorry for you and BG's loss (and Abbie). The heart feels a little heavier and the home a little colder without our favorite four-legged babies.


  5. My hearts hurts for you...the loss of a beloved pet is so sad. May knowing others are thinking of you bring you some comfort....warm hugs, Linda

  6. Your poor little guy. Anyone who loves animals has to face these circumstances sooner or later and it is never an easy thing. Looks like you have a sweet little companion left however, maybe that takes the sting out, if even a little bit. Sorry for your loss.

  7. I am sorry that you lost Ren.He was lucky to have you all as his family. I can tell from reading your blog, that you gave him a great life. Jan

  8. Thank you for sharing the story of the chart you selected. That is a very touching tribute to the designer's beloved Sally!

    Abbie is probably aware that Ren is gone. For some reason, animals just have that "all-knowing" ability. It's still disconcerting to her until she gets used to his absence. Giving her lots of love and attention will help get her and you through.

    I feel your pain and grief as I have lost 2 of my cats since 2008. Emerald passed in July 2008 after 17 years and Mrs. Beasley passed July 2009 after a mysterious illness. She was all of a year. I only wish I had their ashes but I couldn't afford at the time.


  9. I'm so sorry about Ren, Jennifer. I'm behind on reading blogs. I can only imagine how you're feeling right now. All my thoughts are with you now!

  10. Jennifer, so sorry to hear of Ren's passing. I know too well how hard it is to have your loved one pass over the rainbow bridge but now Ren is playing with those who have passed before and is looking down on you and thanking you for being such a good mother and friend and BG and Abbie too. I received Sally's Feather Tree in the mail tonight after I read of Ren's passing. I think that perhaps Ren knew that I needed that chart! If you look up the meanings of flowers you could perhaps plant some perennials that have a special sentiment. Sending you cyber hugs and Graycie sends her kitty kisses too.

  11. I am so sorry Jennifer for the passing of Ren. A few years ago we had a lab who we were blessed with for over 13 year. To this day I still miss my Cheyenne and think of her often. It does make me happy that she no longer has the pain she was in at the time of her death, but it still is hard. The story is perfect on the back of the chart!

  12. I knew Abby would be also having trouble understanding Ren being gone.

    Pray that things get better for all of you.

    That chart had to be made for you. Ren seems to be sending you a message that he loves you and is ok now. Take care my dear!

  13. I am so sorry to read about your little Ren. So sad, it made me cry. I just hate it when things like this happen.
    Thinking of you and your husband, and hope your hearts heal quickly.
    Love the CCS chart, and it's such a perfect sampler to remember him by.

  14. I've been out of town, so I'm a little late with posting, but I'm so sorry about sweet Ren. What a tender mercy that Sally's Feather Tree arrived at this time. I have that chart and have read the story. I remember losing my Boston Terrier, Lucy, after having her for 18 years. She had to have a little help crossing the bridge as well, and died in my mom's arms. I was at work when it happened, and I cried the rest of the day. I hope you feel better soon.

  15. awww sweet Abbie!

    That is really neat that you found that story. Thank you for sharing it. :)


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