Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finished Tenderness of Heart

While the sun is thawing out our house outside, I'm inside reading, writing, and stitching.
On my working table I am finishing off some unfinished items and this is one of them.
I hung it right here between our chairs, where we watch TV together. Where we discuss things, worry about things, and play footsie on the ottoman together. Now you see why he had to have a workshop this past year......LOL

This is Tenderness of Heart freebie from The Sampler Girl. I stitched the piece in December, hence the winter fabric. But since there is ice on the ground outside and Valentine's coming up, I just added these old buttons and tassels with a bit a cotton lace.
I handsewed the lace to the back to make a hanger.

I love the polka dot fab I put on the back.

And the cotton old lace.

here's my ORT basket. This is a random note.

But it's just one of those random kind of I'm off to my stitching to see what else I can finish up.
Bye now.....


  1. Love the finishing on this one--very creative!

  2. It´s so beautiful!! I like the finish you made.

  3. That's beautiful Jennifer. Love the stitching and the finishing. Congrats


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