Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Do we really have to eat at the dining room table tonight, dear?

I have no idea on how to quilt. I just love color. I like to arrange colors.

But, while at the quilt shop looking at fat quarters I stumbled upon this Moda charm pack and it jumped right there on top of my other fabric to the register. I think it came with a magnet.

I just spread it all out on the dining room table tonight, instead of you have to really eat at the table?

I loved the colors. But I really don't know what to do with them.
I know charm packs are precut pieces so, surely I could sew these all together......maybe.....

is there a particular order of what to put where?

This is like a jigsaw puzzle.

Soak in these Spring colors in the middle of Winter. That's the most economical therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder than any prescribed medication. Or a large bottle of plain Tylenol, as far as that goes........

Or a Zaxby's Snack Pack meal or a Personal Pan pizza with extra cheese at Pizza Hut, or a buffet gravy mix meal at Mel's Diner for take-out..........

Here's the label on it. I have no idea about what to do with these but I might just play with this tomorrow on my day off. I could make a table runner for my kitchen island for Spring? Or what else? Shuffle them up and lay them out in another order, kinda like playing Solataire.

Quilting must be another addiction I need to avoid.

I mean, I'm thinking of a zillion reasons why I needed this. And I could explain every one of them too. LOL

Yep. I better stick to stitching but I sure love fabric.

New prescriptions for Seasonal Affective Disorder.


Jennifer Dalenberg


Dispense: number 1 pack---1 pack per month x 12 months

Dx: Seasonal Affective Disorder

refill x 12

Brand necessary

Possible side effects may include insomnia, eye strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and increased irritability if dose not tapered with cessation. Talk to your provider if you experience any of these side effects including marital strain if the dinner table has been overtaken with fabric as these could be signs of an addiction in which we can give alternative therapies.


  1. I love the Moda !!! Great Purchase !!!

  2. Love this post!!! I am a fabric collector, too. (what don't I collect)lol!! Who says you have to be a quilter to collect charm packs? Not me, but I love them for pincushions, and baby quilts..

  3. I love fabrics too although I don't sew that often, and I don't know how to quilt, but I would use them with my stitching. Backs of ornies, mat backgrounds for framed pieces. They are wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing,
    North Country Samplings

  4. Jennifer,

    You are too funny! I love the fabric and the colors. I needed that dose of springy color to get me from the snowstorm Tuesday night through this nor'easter that's coming this weekend!

    Love the prescription too! We may all be asking you to write one for us!

  5. Jen - with those charm packs, all you have to do with them is sew those little squares together with a 1/4 inch seam. That's it. Or to enable you further, you can buy different charm packs and mix them together. But again, you can just sew and go - not cutting or anything. Moda are fantastic fabrics - my favorites by far!!

  6. I love the colors!!!
    lovelu squares!


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