Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Finished finish and a mail surprise!

First, I debated on how to get the heart fabric in this frame and finish appropriately, so I
decided to just frame it in this black oval frame with glass, without fabric. There was
adequate space between the glass and the fabric backing for buttons, so I sewed on some of
my favorite small red buttons where the black was stitched.
I haven't decided where it will reside. This is a freebie at Primitive Betty's website/blog.
Either in this bedroom with a tulip quilt.

On the dining room table.

Or on this black shelf.

It was hard to get a closeup without a glare on this glass.

Then I opened the mail and got this today!!! What a wonderful surprise from Parsley!

How clever of you to remember I like Sweet Pea from Bath and Bodyworks!!!!
Love it!

And you are so welcome about cross stitching. I hope you find it a great source of happiness!

Thanks so much for the sweet gift and you can bet I will be using this tomorrow!!!!!!!
Right now I have the hand cream and its got shea butter in it which really helps my hands and
has the Sweet Pea fragrance. I love the fragrance so much but haven't got any, so now I do!!!
I still need to pick a name for the DMC bag. I will be doing that soon.
It stopped snowing about as quick as it started here. But we have a dangerous coating of ice on everything.
After 5 days of staying in, I start to get Cabin Fever, but I'd rather stay in than drive in the icey roads.
Well, Miss Abbie has been barking alot tonight and howling if you can only imagine from a 2 pound dog. This may, just may, have to do with a drink of Dr. Pepper I had in a cup and put on the floor by my stitching chair.
She runs in front of the sliding glass door and barks at her reflection thinking it's another dog just like her! LOL Her growl sounds like a cat purring loud.
She must love Dr. Pepper because I use Dr. Pepper Lipsmacker and she loves it.
Till later....


  1. How sweet about getting nice gift and how funny about the Dr. Pepper! I love the frame you used for the Valentine stitch. It would look good anyplace but my favorite is the black shelf with the bedroom w/quilt running a close second.

  2. I'm so glad you liked the surprise. Yes, I'm really enjoying cross stitching. I'm still slow but making progress. I will have pics to post soon on a project Karyn sent me. You gals are just the best!

  3. Beautiful finish! I love it on the shelf. And what a great little surprise too!

  4. The oval frame is a fun finish for your Valentine piece. Very clever Jennifer.

    How nice of Parsley to send you a B&B present, what a thoughtful gift.

  5. Great finish. It will look good anywhere, but I think bedroom is my favorite.
    LOL at little Abby

  6. Your Valentine stitch is simple, but elegant with the frame. I like it!

  7. Very cute finish - I like the red buttons you added; nice touch! I love it when dogs bark at their reflection - how funny! I'll bet the DP gave her quite a little buzz~

  8. I love the finish on this one--lovely work.

  9. Love your sweet Valentine finish! Enjoy your wonderful mail treat :)


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