Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Best Love Affair of all Times---Valentine Give-away hint

For all the lovers of Gone With the Wind, including myself, you have to know that Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler had a love affair like no other!

For the Valentine Give-a-Way which starts Tomorrow Feb 1st, I have selected something to give away in rememberance of my favorite book and movie and for all the Scarlett's and Rhett's out there to remember, just look at this 4 minute recapture to refresh your memory of that great story!

Please remember to go down to the bottom of the blog and put the volume all the way down, so you can enjoy the theme song in the video.....thanks.


  1. Jennifer - your homage or salute to GWTW is stunning! I enjoyed it immensely. I have only been following you blog for a short time, and enjoy your entries and views of your needlework. I have no blog of my own Please include me in your drawing for your Valentine's giveaway. Best wishes. Shelley

  2. Thanks, Shelley......I just love GWTW and when I saw this on U-tube I knew it had to prelude my Give-away! ;)

    I love Scarlett, by the way......
    and Rhett.....he makes my ovaries twirl.....LOL

    I will be glad to include you. Just make sure that you put another posting when I post the Giveaway today or tomorrow. Thanks so much and hope to hear again soon!

    Fiddle de dee


  3. A classic! Nothing can top it....well I do love Sound of Music quite a bit too! Looking forward to your giveaway!

  4. Oh girl! I'm a GWTW fan! Of course you remember my recent post having my daughter watch it with me.

    Anyway, you've peaked my interest and my desire to watch the movie again.

  5. GWTW is an all time favorite - along with The Thorn Birds. I watch the movie and reread the book at least once a year and always find something new to love! Mr. Rhett Butler makes my skirts fly up!

    Check your mailbox later in the week - a surprise is coming!!!!

    Sandy freezing in NJ

  6. Oh Sandy you have me spoiled! LOL
    I know you are freezing there in NJ! Watching the weather channel for that area makes me shiver cold.

    GWTW and The Thornbirds are my most favorite movies.
    I named my daughter Meghan from that movie, The Thornbirds. I like it alot too. Once I rented the entire 8 hour video (I think it was 4 of them) from the library and watched it all night long in one night.........and I had to work the next day!

    If I could design needlework, I would definitely make samplers with sayings from GWTW.
    Maybe one day........


  7. Loved that movie. Only bad part is when I see Scarlett in the green "drapes" dress, I see Carol Burnett and her famous skit.

  8. Now I have to go and get this movie to watch again! I haven't seen it in way to long!

    What would some of your favorite sayings from the movie be?

  9. Catherine,

    some of my favorite sayings would be:

    Rhett to Scarlett:
    You must be kissed and kissed often.

    Tomorrow is another day

    And Prissy's......"I don't know nuffin bot birfin babies, Miss Scarlett" That one makes me laugh especially in the kind of work I do.

    I could list alot more but those come to mind.


  10. Beautiful movie! My mother told me that when the film premiered in Spain had long queues to see it. I would like to sign up for your drawing.
    (I really enjoyed watching the trailer)
    Hugs from Barcelona


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