Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spam every day.....and I don't mean the mail-kind

An article came out today to announce after 6 weeks the spam is over for the troops in Afghanistan.
This is not a joke. Evidently the food supplies were cut off for 6 weeks to the trooops and the only meat they had was Spam. The article said that the cooks were very inventive and made many different spam meals. Can you only imagine this for 6 weeks straight? Of course, much worse things can happen but I just had to share the news this morning.

I remember eating Spam when I was a little girl alot......usually fried in slices ...that's healthy isn't it? I never bought spam after I left home. I was gorged on that. Nothing wrong with it.....just spam and Devil ham sandwiches was my daily lunch items in school and I prefer something else now.

The article you can read in full on the right column under Afghanistan latest news.

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  1. Spam never appealed to me! I have heard that people make some "purty" fancy meals with it though!

    My word verification is "orting" - appropriate for a stitcher. This sounds like it could be a new olympic sport!


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