Saturday, October 24, 2009

In my Stitching chair tonight.....

A Sneak peek.

Started a freebie ornament by The Sampler Girl. I was so excited to get those Tudor Rose scissors and then an extra surprise freebie design with it! Couldn't wait to match up some colors for it. Using one of the fat quarters for Christmas here. The linen is a piece of 36 ct Cream Edinburgh. How do you like that Chili Pepper red I pulled from my stash?


  1. OOOO. I can't wait to see the finished ornament! I love the scissors, they are gorgeous, very Victorian.

    Love the floss too! How many skeins of floss do you reckon are in your stash. just curious? I am curious if I am in need of an intervention LOL.

    Have a wonderful Sunday :)

  2. I probably need a 12 step program right now! LOL
    You know my husband asked me that very question one day recently. I said I have no idea. He said I bet you have a thousand. I doubt it seriously but I've got hundreds probably. I love floss. I love colors.
    So, no I don't think you need an intervention because if I could afford it (and the thought did strike my mind lately) was to buy 1 color of every Crescent Colors on Ebay. Its a great deal but still quite a bit. I'm talking, quite a bit........
    Oh, now Karyn, I've got to thinking I'm going to pop over to Ebay. Now that, I need a 12 step program for.
    We should right the 12 lines :P

  3. LOL...omw I have been slowly adding to my crescent colours here and there, too funny. I found a shop that sells the whole kit and kaboodle...for like 400 dollars LOL! Oh to be a rich, rich lady, I do so love floss as well :)

    Sorry for the reminder, I tend to be a trouble maker, giggle, lemme know where the 12 step is, or else I do believe a floss intervention is coming...I wonder do they send a guy dressed as a giant floss, in a color of perhaps pixie dust or crab cakes to scare you into recovery, he pokes you in the ribs every time you think of floss? hmmmm something to ponder as I follow you over to ebay :)



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