Monday, October 19, 2009

Thinking about my Christmas Wish List

Today I was thinking about stitching.......then Christmas ornament stitching......then on to Christmas wishes and this is one of them........minus the Valentine cup...Isn't this puppy cute?

Can you believe that when I first got Ren that he was just this size? He used to go along in my purse!
It seems to be very hard around this area to find small Chichi's. Most are mixed breeds which is fine but they tend to be bigger and I want a tiny one, simply because I can't pick up alot of weight and I would definitely be picking this little one up alot.

I think I can just pet her right now through the computer screen. I would name her Abigail Renee, after Ren of course. Call her Abbie. I think if it is a female he would be ok with it, maybe.

Then back to stitching. I might have to stitch up a ornament or two in between these other projects of mine going on right now.........I see so many in the Just Cross stitch Christmas book that I want to do! They are all so pretty!


  1. Ah, so cute. Yes, you NEED her or one like her.

    So how much does Ren weigh?

  2. Oh, my God!! That puppy is the cutest thing. That pic makes me just want to cuddle and cuddle him/her.

  3. OMW what a cutie!

    Irish Jack Russells usually end up @ 14 lbs and can go up to 20, our baby is 16, a bit bigger than a chi for sure :), but oh do they stay like lovey little babies their whole lives, like our little girl.

    Did you end up going shopping?

    Enjoy your evening and your amazing soup :)

    Hugs :)

  4. we just finished off that soup and it was great!!!!!!!!

    Didn't go out shopping but did alot of window shopping online, if that's possible LOL

    Parsley, Ren weighs 7 lbs, and that's the heaviest he has been. He usualy weighs around 6.

    I'm thinking though that a female will be less.

    The Chihauahau of Ga. thing I found out was a hoax. I called them and they interviewed me on the phone to see if would be a good enough owner.....ok, I understand that but they basically get all their dogs from the local shelter and then charge 250.00 for you to get them.
    She basically said I needed to go to a shelter. They don't get any chihauahas less than 11 pounds.
    I was like ok.
    Then, she was to check my drivers license number, 2 references and then all this stuff which I gave them....and no call.
    I called my local vet I use and they are going to be on the lookout for one. They know me and know what I'm looking for. So, we'll see.........

  5. Love the picture! Good luck with your search.


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