Tuesday, October 20, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

People often ask me why do I not go somewhere on long weekends off work or even while I take a week off. And it's pretty simple to me that there is no place like home for me.

In the mountains, I feel like I"m always on vacation. Today it is really beautiful outside. Temps are perfect. There's a cool crispness during the day here and it's quiet. My introverted self loves quiet~~~~~~

I love to stay on the inside but on days like today, I go out and just sit around on my porches, enjoying my time away from the world.

Here's my pumpkin pot. My hubbie likes to put a candle in it at night. It really freaks out the Labs but it's pretty glowing at night. I'll have to get a pic later when the sun goes down.
Home is very comfortable for not only me and Bodyguard, but also out little furbabies.
Thomas is in his spot.......his Fall/Winter spot now. This is where he resides from 12n-5pm.
He is extremely lethargic right now and doesn't mind me too much out on the porch. I just can't swing because he says that's his spot right now.

Our flowers are blooming everywhere, wild as they be, because we do no real amount of yardwork, so to speak. There are buds everywhere. There is a fragrance that is divine.
I tried so hard to chase a yellow butterfly to get a picture but I couldn't get him in a picture. The Labs took me running around for butterfly picture taking as, "Ummm, she's ready to play" which leads to butterflies running off.....so futile task. LOL
Yellow butterflies fly around our porch all the time. I guess they like the butterfly bushes and the other flowers.

This is one of my favorite. White, pure and simple.

More in the flower pots hanging off the porch.

Buds warming up to the sunshine of a Fall day. I see potential and promise.

Yellow jackets are everywhere today. Came close to one or two several times. I shew them away.
This is another favorite, because it's pink.

This is the copper star I gave Body guard last year on our anniversary. Copper gift for seven year anniversary. I'm pretty traditional. We didn't have the resources for a workshop then but I went ahead and got this for him and visualized one sitting right where it is. And this summer, it came to be. So, I took the copper star from one of the walls upstairs and put it out on the workshop.

He is having alot of fun with it, using his imagination and woodworking again. I love it, because I know how much fun stitching is to me and how it allows our creative side to flow. We both need that at the end of work days.

Last week when I was feeling down, he went to Lowe's and bought these flower boxes for the windows. He called me outside to look at them. He said he did it for me because he knows I love flower boxes. Funny, because when he first got the shop, I joked about how cute it would look with flowers at the windows but he was like, this is a workshop, you know........so, I understood that they were'nt the most masculine quality of his shop but when I saw these and knew he did this just for me, I felt so touched and it did lift my spirits.
He is already telling me how he's going to build some decking around it like our house. He loves decks. Is that a man thing? But that's way down the road.

Life here is not a trip to the beach, or busy city shopping, and travel. But it's our little place called home. I take my days to recharge like a battery I guess, so that I can do my job at work a little better.
And there's nothing any better than home.

just ask this fellow over here in the swing.......LOL

Or this one while sunning.
But they enjoy life here too. They really enjoy life..........doing what dogs like to do, rub in anything like dirt or anything that smells bad. Girls!
But in a moment they can be our guard dogs. Ruby is the matriarch of the whole clan. She will even nudge Ren toward the front door when he goes out. She walks by his side and watches over him.

All this picture-taking and Thomas is still napping............

Oh, ok.......he is alive......LOL but barely awake.........looks like me on Monday mornings......LOL
So, this is a day for counting blessings and home is one of them. I like being a country girl.
I wouldn't trade it in the world for anything.


  1. Does you place look heavenly or what? I can see why you don't want to go anywhere else. It reminds me of my sisters place on Long Island. There is such a sense of peace there and it looks the same in your part of the world.

  2. Heaven on earth, you are so very blessed Jennifer, and I feel so happy for you, my friend. Your clan is so cute...lucky lucky woman :)

  3. Lovely post. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pics of your corner of the world!


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