Sunday, October 18, 2009

Midnight progress Heart of America

I took this off the frame to unroll and here you have it........I just have the long section that goes across the bottom and says Land of the Free.

By the way, this is Little House Needleworks design Heart of America. Finished this block tonight. The instructions encourage to personalize the piece with your own initials. The piece originally had a place here for another date. I put the date already in another block, so I put my initials here.
And frogged out the initials of mine in this block and put Brandon's.

So, on to fixing the crock pot before bedtime. Here's the hamhock that finally made it here! LOL
Good piece too.

Take a look at those beans. They have changed a bit. Time to put in crockpot with the other ingredients. I will cook at slow speed until morning.

Hope you are having a restful evening!
Nite, nite,


  1. Looks great!! You're moving right along with that one.
    Tanya :)

  2. Heart of America is coming along beautifully. I like you choices for personalization.
    The 15 bean soup looks and sounds great. I don't have a ham hock, but I do have some smoked sausage - hmm, I think supper just got planned!

  3. I don't know which to comment on first!!! The stitching or the soup? Both are up there on my list. lol Your work looks great and the piece is beautiful. I have the same pattern on my stash and now I am thinking I need to rearrange my list of the next to-do. And I seem to have an overwhelming craving for bean soup! I will definitely be making some this week. I could live on soups and salads!

  4. This turned out beautiful!! I especially like the square with the flag in it!!~ And that soup.. would be good today..COLD here in NC!~ Have a good one! Faye

  5. Heart of America is beautiful. You have done a wonderful job! and your 15 bean looks cool.

  6. It is looking great :) Soon done and dusted ;)

  7. Looks great! Both the soup and the your piece. Almost there - can't wait to see it done!

  8. It looks awesome Jennifer! I love that you put Brandon's Intitals in the "Honor" block....sweetie you are such an awesome Mom, I can't even begin to tell you how totally obvious it is to anyone who reads your blog :)

    Hope you up and feeling well, and enjoying this amazing fall day, and the aroma of that soup cooking.


  9. Ya'll are making me blush!
    Thanks for all the compliments.....
    I just couldn't take credit for that honor block. Thought Brandon's initials should go there, I'm sure he has a hard job right now.

  10. Great progress! Great stitching!

  11. Heart of America looks fabulous! Can't wait to see the finish.

    And your soup looks yummy. Can I have some?


  12. Heart of America looks fabulous! You will soon be finished. :)


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