Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm totally Giddy about Chi Chi puppies! Help needed!

Nope, I"m not pregnant! But, oh, look at these pups! I found a great breeder, not too far from here that has a good reputation and here a few Chichi pups.
Check it out! Here are a couple of female pups, they are AKC and 3-4 lbs at maturity.

These pics are from the website below: Check the site out! Looks cool if you like puppies.

I've put a call in tonight but she was busy so I have to call back tomorrow.
I need some influence though with my hubbie! So, everyone tell him how cute they are !!!!!!!!!!!!
(and paper trained already)
That second pic is my favorite. Yep, Santa needs convincing ;)


  1. Adorable... wish I could have one too.... it took me 8 years to talk my hubby into getting an animal for the house. So it is not happening for me. GOOD LUCK!!

  2. My husband said to tell YOUR husband that chihuahuas were the best thing in the world and you NEED one, or all three! I have three in the house and they are good company for each other and us. They will happily sleep with you!

    I'm squealing like a little girl. I like the top one with thick fur.

    Oh...I want another one!!!

    Please Santa/Body Guard. Let her get one or more Chihuahuas. ;)

  3. OMW! Be still my heart, what a cutie patootie!

    Hey BG...Mama needs a new baby girl to cuddles :) Tell him my 6'3" hunk of a hubby is a little mush when it comes to our little 14 lb Jack Russel, every man needs a teeny weeny baby girl!

    Hope that helps....oh and my hubby sais "Tell him the woman's the boss." hehehe I love my man :)

    Good luck kiddo


  4. Stopping by to see the Chi again. Oh, it's awful of me but I ADORE Chihuahua pups.

    When puppy shopping, check the head. If it has the skull has a small gap between the bone plates it will be a smaller adult. BUT watch out for very large gaps...not good.

  5. Cute, but I would never buy a dog when so many are dying in shelters (there are tons of chi's in shelters too). I would consider a breed-specific rescue.

  6. Oh, my God. They are just too cute.


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