Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Good Laugh from Today's Blog Reading---you have to try this! LOL

Following Tanya's lead from Monique's blog lead here, put your name in Google preceded by the word Unfortunately and then post.

I'm almost too embarrassed to put mine but here goes.

Unfortunately Jennifer, loved it and quickly climbed on.

Unfortunately Jennifer is not yet carrying any baby as of the moment.

Unfortunately Jennifer decided to wear a bra and cover up the one good thing going for her.

Unfortunately Jennifer looks like she is stuck in an 80's time warp.

Unfortunately Jennifer will have to fill out the paper work again and stand in line.

Unfortunately Jennifer has a very tempting diary with a rainbow cover.

Unfortunately Jennifer is still recovering and is not ready to play tennis yet.

Unfortunately Jennifer moved on.

Unfortunately Jennifer danced out and broke the spell.

Unfortunately Jennifer is not able to devote more of her time to living.

Unfortunately Jennifer was allergic to a good portion of her house.

Unfortunately Jennifer's situation is far from unique.

Unfortunately Jennifer's cat had multiple health problems.

Unfortunately Jennifer will not be taking any of the honors home this year as the Festival was cancelled.

Unfortunately Jennifer is not so bright, as she couldn't figure it out if it was given to her on a silver platter.

Unfortunately Jennifer's plans were simply not to be.

Ok, Tanya! I got my laugh today, girl!!!! LOL That is hilarious!

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