Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It feels like Monday

Today feels like Monday to me. Probably because I was off Mon. and Tues.

I can't say I accomplished much on my time off but gosh, it's almost Thursday already! Whew!

After work, went by Walmart hungry. Wrong thing to do.

I just went for 3 items and I checked out 200.00 of items! Never go hungry or stressed to Walmart!!!!! I ended up grabbing a few items that Brandon could use like chapstick, cough drops, some Poptarts, the newest John Grisham novel and Tylenol sinus, game book and CANDY! His favorite candies. Twizzlers and Snickers.

Halloween candy everywhere. And do I have little ones? No. But, got some goodies to send to Brandon. Problem is he has two addresses given to us. We are not sure his last package went to the right place according to an email today. I'm not sure if he is getting Internet now. But anyway, I'm going to send another Halloweenie package of his favorite candies.

Even if it drops out of the helicopter late to where he is, he will like this for sure. I know him. I figured he needs all the energy with the sugar he can get about now.

Every Halloween I think about what my kids dressed up as each year.

I think our best year was the year after my divorce in 1996. My X didn't want them to dress up for Halloween so our previous ones weren't so memorable.
Soooooooo, the year he left, I made sure they had some good Halloween costumes that year. I got them at Fat Man's in Augusta, Ga. I had the best fun. They were pricey but worth it for the fun that year.

Meghan dressed as Ariel and Brandon dressed in the bright green skin tight Joker outfit that had question marks all over it. I put temporary RED hair dye in his buzz cut hair and he looked just like the Joker in the Batman movie (with George Klooney).

That's one thing we had in common. We both LOVED Batman. He even called our car the Batmobile once as it was a black Camaro.
So, I did accomplish something today besides work and will hopefully get that packaged out.
Meghan's will be shortly afterward.
So, all ye with little ones......enjoy these years.....they fly by.
Now, to Nancy Grace crime cases and the latest on CNN with my stitching.

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  1. Ooh candy! Love the way you shop!

    How nice it is for you to get your son some candy while he's on duty.

    I am taking a group of teens trick-or-treating this year. I suggested they dress as old ladies so when they get accused of being too old to trick or treat, it will be true. LOL

    Now, they are wanting me to be dressed as a little girl with pig-tails. Can't wait for those pictures!


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