Monday, October 19, 2009

Soup's done!

Woke up with one of those "hormonal migraines" but have taken something and with a cup of real coffee and that, it's slowly going away. I just knew something was up yesterday when I had 2 or 3 episodes of vertigo-like feeling that one was coming. Honestly, when I get one, it affects only the left side of my head and pumps like my heart is going to come out my eyeball.

What is the cause of these random migraines? Well if you ask a cardiologist, they'll tell you circulation, ask a gastroenterologist and they'll tell you it's some particular food, ask a chiropractor and they blame them on spinal alignment, and on and on.

Well, I'm in gynecology, so I always blame it on, if you don't know why something in particular happens, just blame it on hormones........LOL because honestly, for women, that's the true cause of migraines. Estrogen is the cause of those things, or I would say the variations in the levels.
I guess my ovaries twirled too much Sat. when BG brought home those beautiful donuts and see, see what happens???? :0

Ok, yep, I took the day off several weeks ago because I knew those darn leaves were going to be beautimous today! Body Guard and I were talking last night and we think the peak here will be in about 10 days. But they are looking pretty even now.
The sun is out again. I should take advantage of this day and go on a short road trip or something.
My soup is tastes delightful too! So, cooling down, then into the frig, and all I have to do with dinner is cook some old fashioned cornbread in my iron skillet and it's ready.

A crock pot is a beautiful thing, isn't it?
This is my largest one. I like it. It's simple, low or high. No computer decisions, gadgets, tinkering, etc. Just simple.

I used it more when the kids were in the nest but last year got a very small one for just BG and myself. But, even with halfing those beans, it made this much soup!

And finally, I know I've got a keeper, when my hubbie suggests I go to Hawaissee to the stitching store for the afternoon! OMG! Doesn't he correlate those bills every time I go?
Well, now I've got an excuse......but I've got so many patterns it should be a felony by now. LOL

I've enjoyed blogging so much that it's become a big part of my life. This morning, the funniest thing I saw was at Julie's Keepsakes Blog. She has a Chia plant of a head growing this thin, creepy looking hair. You have to see it. Funny but weird, Julie! LOL

The prettiest thing I saw was the Jane Austen pendants over at Tanya's blog, The Sampler Girl's Blog! They are so pretty!

Well, hope you are having a great Monday morning and will talk later for sure........



  1. I hope you have a wonderful day off no matter what you decide to do! At least dinnner is taken care of :^) Enjoy that yummy looking soup... I wish we could smell throught the computer screen! LOL

  2. Looks delicious! I wish I had some for my lunch today! Have fun stash shopping! :)

  3. Sorry that your day started with a headache, I always hate that! But the rest of your day sounds wonderful...stash shopping and homemade soup, yummmmm!

    I love my crockpot too ;)

  4. Oh your house must smell wonderful!

    I would be lost without my dear crockpot, which I believe I am on my 3rd in 25 years :)

    Run, don't walk to the sewing store....girl's gotta have stash.....giggle. I love those pendant's at TSG's blog, I just love her!

    Hugs....and I want lots of pics of the stash purchases, hear?


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