Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I count my Blessings When I See This

The faces of Afghanistan. I count my blessings when I see these this morning.
Our troops need help. It's taking more time than it should to go get the wounded. Many die because of the long time for medics to get there.

They work hard at night.

At sunset, they watch for us.

While people are running scared.

The terrain is vast and rough.
Our men train with the best, but the terrain, the environment, the area they have to cover per soldier is draining.

They sleep when they can with guns by their side. A couple of weeks ago, 2 soldiers were shot to death by terrorists who got into their post, they were shot while they lay sleeping.

Business owners try to make it. When we all are talking about our economy and how business is slow, just remember this. I count my blessings.
While they sit among the stars, waiting for our President to listen to the General and get more help.

Right now, this is the representation from countries. McCrystal is a very intelligent man and I hope that the President will know that time is of the essence here. If we don't know why we are there, or what the mission is, then bring them all home. If we do, then give them the help they so need right now. Waiting is not going to help things get better for anyone.


  1. I love this post, Jennifer! May I link it on my facebook?

  2. yes, that's fine, Michele, I wish people are aware of what our troops are doing right now. I't sad to me. I'm watching the news right now.


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