Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

Thrifty finds today. A neat sewing basket for very frugal find. Couldn't turn it down.......The color in my pics though make it look brighter than it really is. It's a muted teal color. more like this.......

tonight for supper, I'm brewing some Shrimp Gumbo. I kinda added to the Zateran's suggestions with some extra tomatoes, corn, rice and shrimp, and hot sauce. I'm cooking supper while I"m taking the pics of my finds, so pardon the mixed up pictures.....LOL

my dollar buttons.......I LOVE old buttons. I get an adrenaline rush when I see a big old jar of vintage butttons and I can just rummage through it for ones like these.

I'm going to try to stitch some ornies with this pattern. I have no idea where it came from.....the pattern, that is......the top of the sewing basket is really a large pin cushion....I LOVE IT. The color in the pic looks brighter than it really is. It's a muted teal in real life....

I had a very good day at work, lunch with my friends in a satelite clinic I work once a week is so much fun! So, we all went to the Mexican restaurant for lunch and then right across the street was a thriftie store! That's where I found these items.

Linen napkins. I'm sure they weren't mean't back in the day for cross stitching but I am going to monogram these!

Irish linen. Couldn't believe this find! I wonder what count they are ?????? There are 2 in an Autumn Gold and 2 in a Natural color.

These little ornies at the top were almost a giveaway at the price. Couldn't believe it! I think I could actually stitch some like this for Christmas.

I have a weakness for buttons......and I purposely went through a huge jar of pre-bagged old buttons for just the red ones for ornie-making for Christmas.

Got these little fat quarters too. Don't you love the old candy cane material?

I actually have in mind for the middle one to use on the backing of a freebie I saved recently from a blog for Thanksgiving.

The ornies were very prim, look tea stained and I like the way they made the handles.

Well, I'm about to bite into an Apple Pecan muffin I made to go with some Shrimp Gumbo.

That's a simple supper we are having tonight. I made enough Gumbo for 25 people at least! Come on and get you some while it's hot!!


  1. Wonderful stitchy finds, Jennifer! I really love the buttons and the fabric!

  2. What fantastic finds!! I don't seem to have that kind of luck when I go looking.....maybe someday....Wish I lived close, I'd pop over for some of that gumbo!

  3. Great finds!! And you're making me hungry! lol


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