Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Watch PBS channel tonight at 9PM for special on Afghanistan

this is just a 30 minute preview of discussion.


you can see at the PBS site the new series which will start tonight.

Every citizen of America should be watching this to be aware and not forgotten.


  1. I agree Jennifer that every American should educate themselves on anything and everything to do with what's going on in Afghanistan and just why we are there!!

    On a daily basis I am just dumb-founded on how many people around me have NO CLUE on what's going on.

  2. Thank you Jennifer for the information. It is time we see what is really going on there since the news doesn't give us much to go on. My sister's husband is in Iraq and should be going home later this year. They had discussed the possibility of him finishing his tour in Afghanistan and that doesn't seem to be the case for now.

  3. Thanks Missy for that support. So many folks, I mean really educated professionals, do not even know, or have a clue, or don't care because they don't have anyone in the military they know. But we, as Americans, if you want to keep your present freedoms, need to remain aware.


    I hope your sister's husband stays safe. I have another friend whose son just came out of Iraq and he is on stand by for Afghanistan. I don't think anyone knows anything right now in the military.

    I watched that 20 minute preview on the PBS website and cried because I live within not many miles from the boy that was killed in the video from Adairsville. Very, very close to our home.

    I know it's an easy thing to just say, Oh, that's too upsetting and negative, I don't want to watch stuff like that. But, I will tell you that all our children and grandchildren will be affected by Obama's decisions in this war for years to come, whether they grow up to be in the military or not. We all will be paying for it.

    War is a controversial subject and I can't believe I'm talking about it so much in a stitching blog, but had to put my 2cents in like my brother-in-law said.........we are trying to be nice and war is not about being nice. Let's either get it done or get out.
    I think them announcing today that Obama is sending only 13,000 more troops means again, riding the fence, no one will benefit. We need to pull out then (just my opinion). They need boots on the ground, not axillary staff just for number counting.
    This really disturbs me. My nice sunny day went gray again when I saw this and heard the news.


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