Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Reminder of the Give-A-Way and more

Hope you got to see the PBS special Frontline on Afghanistan update last night. If not, the entire episode can be viewed at and pull up the program, Obama's War.
It's worth seeing what you are supporting as a US citizen.

Reminder of the Give-Away for October Breast Cancer Awareness. Ends midnight Friday October 16. Drawing on Saturday the 17th. Good luck! I'm envious at whoever gets those scissors!!! ;)

I probably have the world's record at slow stitching on this Heart of America piece but believe it or not, after work tonight I'm putting on the roof.....3 more rows and I'm moving on to Old Glory!
It's been a good piece to stitch but so ready to move to something new. I'm resisting the urge to put it down and start something new, encouraged to finish so I can frame and put in my stairwell with pictures.
Is it only Wednesday? Oh, my! I feel like tomorrow should be Friday.
This week is going by very slowly even though my hours are filled with things to do.
Today I paid for a lost library book. I gave up on looking for it and didn't think having my husband arrest me for an overdue book or fines was a good, caved and paid for it. I'm serious. I checked it out during the time of the car windshield leaking on me at work episode of drama. And during that week of changing cars, I lost a library book, my employee parking thingie that hangs on the mirror, and my head probably if it wasn't attached!
So, I evened out that today so that no arrests were made. HEHEHEHEHE My dishes are clean tonight (he is sweet). BG did not have to arrest me on that account! LOL LOL
However, in thinking, just to share, check out your local library. It's a great free (usually) resource in these economic strapping times (unless you are like me and can't remember where you left the book!). You can even rent great movies for free there!
ok, back to stitching and one more dreaded chore before I get ready for bed. Hint: it has something to do with a dryer............shhhhhh~
yep, laundry


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