Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Surprises

Oh, man oh man oh man! :0
Bodyguard went out early to run an errand and by the time I woke up he greeted me with these while I was perking the coffee.......YUMMY! They almost too pretty to eat. I picked the dark chocolate covered one.........first.......
He placed them down by the's not your usual on the counter, mail.

magazines like this are usually reading material in the mail at my kids were well educated about those........private matters, I would say....LOL LOL
I had to flip the journal over and laughed because it's showing Candidiasis, which is worsened with eating sweets! HOW IRONIC!
Yep, this is one of the grosser journals that comes in the mail. They usually always show a skin disease on the front............large, lesions, weeping......ohhh.......and by the way, my kids escaped teenage years without an STD. Wonder why? LOL LOL

oh well, on to the day. It's cloudy here. I want the sunshine so I can take some good pictures of the leaves. They are looking might pretty right now!
Talk later,


  1. ROFL! You just crack me up girl :)

    *handing Jennifer a cuppa Kona coffee to go with her amazing donuts, and looking at her with puppy eyes hoping I might try one?*

    So btw....did you like my cantaloupe? he said he had to drain 350 ccs off of it to get it out in one piece....rofl! Ouch, hurts to laugh. So far so good on the Vivelle though :)

    Hugs sistah

  2. yes, I saw that~ WOW! I bet you feel lighter! LOL
    Here's hoping you are recovering well and Vivelle continues to help!
    Estrogen is sometimes a beautiful thing :)


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