Monday, October 12, 2009

Progress on Peace Block--Heart of America

Quiet evening tonight. Welcomed home by the fireplace already started and I love it! Took a little snooze after supper.
We cooked breakfast for our supper.......cheese grits, scrambled eggs, and toast.
Just a good night for that, rainy and gloomy outside.

I worked on the peace block and got some headway. Hope to finish that one tomorrow and on to the Old Glory block.

The Heart of America. As I am stitching this and watching the news, it has a whole different meaning right now.

I learned to roll my linen the other way on the frame.

This is one tall house. Reminds me of the flats in England.

Peace........what a thought and coincidence this week.
Well, off to bed. So sleepy now. The fireplace just tantalizes my mind and makes me want to curl up with a quilt.


  1. Two questions:

    How long have you been stitching?

    How long do you usually spend on this type of project?

    You're doing such a great job. I hope you feel 'peace' as you stitch about 'peace'.

  2. Your stitching looks wonderful. It's such a pleasure to see it growing.

  3. AAAAGH! I never did send you a pic, did I? Actually, I went to take one right after our emails and my camera had died. While charging the batteries, I forgot all about it. Oh brother. I knew you'd figure it out and it really will help keep your linen cleaner!

    Wonderful progress on your sampler.

  4. Great progress! Cheese grits sound so good!

  5. Parsley,
    I"ve been stitching since I was about 10years old. My best friend in elementary school taught me how and we would exchange Christmas and birthday gifts that way.
    Then by high school I was stitching and putting things for my apartment or house in my "hope chest" for my strawberry kitchen LOL
    And on and on. When Brandon and Meghan were little I would have to stitch at night or they would have stabbed themselves with needles.....very hyper kids.
    But now during empty nest, I've stitched more than ever.
    IN actuality, I probably started about age 3 or 4 with those sewing cards. Remember those? Very big cards with holes and then you would put the thread through all the holes?
    I usually spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours a day on it. That's extreme. Average now is 2 hours at night.
    Thanks so much for the compliments:)

  6. Curling up by the fire sounds wonderful! And so does that breakfast that you had for dinner! We haven't done that in a long time.

  7. Glad you're curling your linen this way. So out of curiosity, are you still in touch with the best friend?

  8. well, we lost touch after high school and marriage but she and I send Christmas cards and catch up of the year, each year.


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