Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lowering my cholesterol.......

This is the first time I froze cookie dough. But, I know that we need to lower our cholesterol, so oatmeal cookies need to be available. (Meghan, when you come back for a visit, they are in the freezer for slice and cook) I froze half and cooked half.

I have been craving Oatmeal Cookies so I googled under the Pioneer Woman's blog and found this recipe for Oatmeal Crispies, which is quite tasty my friends! No raisins, finely chopped pecans instead! Just my type of cookie........I like raisins, but not cooked raisins.

I cooked the first batch here and all 10 minutes. BG snatched up 8 or 10 or them and then I cooked the other 2 batches......

alrighty, more cooking in the oven..........

Did I ever tell you that I'm a total mess in the kitchen when I bake? I mean I usually find dough that left the mixer on the walls..........that's the worse part of cooking is the cleaning afterward.

But the best part of Empty Nest is......licking the bowl!!! See if you have little kids, they always get to do that.......not any more........hehehehehehe

but this little fellow slept right through it. BG says he looks like he has a mullet now. LOL

Here's the recipe:

at The Pioneer Woman website.
Hope your Sunday night is sweet too!


  1. I wanna come over to your house for cookies!!

    Our Chis burrow under the covers all the time. They hide their noses and think their behinds are hidden too. Hilarious.

  2. Come on!

    Yep, Ren does the same thing.
    I have seen him cover up with his behind and just his nose sticking out the end!

    His stomach is satisfied today so no whining.
    He ate Honey and Nut oat cereal with milk, just a minibowl and he was set for the afternoon.

    If I get another Chi, she will be on dogfood. I'll try not to make the mistake of spoiling with table food.

    Do you think he would adjust to a female puppy, already housetrained, or even twins? LOL
    REally check out this site.

    Look at the pics and click on the twins, Hannah and Miley. They are 3 months old, sisters.
    They are black with tan markings.
    They need a mama so I applied. We'll see what happens this week.

  3. They are ADORABLE!

    Well...I can't say for sure that Ren would accept others. As you know, Chi pups are very possessive of their human. They don't like to share their human, food, or space.

    Ours have adjusted to each other because they were not as set in their ways as Ren probably is with his advanced age.

    Cookie growls when others come near my daughter; she doesn't want to share attention. We reject her when she acts like that instead of comforting her telling her 'it's okay'. It's not.

    It's hard because she's so cute but necessary to teach her she's not alpha. WE are.

    If you give Ren his safe spot away from new pups he should be fine. Remember you are getting these pups for YOUR companionship not HIS. He's content with things the way they are.

  4. I can smell the cookies through the computer~ Thanks for sharing the recipe....I am always looking..

  5. Oh, thanks for the recipe! I am not a big fan of raisins but I do love pecans!

  6. i like coming to your site but the music is very loud and distracting - especially when i am at work and sneak a peek a the blog and all of a sudden it blares on! i forget to turn down the speakers and suddenley everyone around me knows i am taking a break! embarassing.. :-)
    thanks for the recipe - let us know if the frozen ones come out just as good - i have never frozen cookie dough.

  7. yes, you have to make sure the volume button is down at the bottom toolbar. I know some people don't have music on their blogs for that reason but for me, I am a music lover so it's a major part of my life. I used to in fact be a music major in college.

    I just use the volume button if I'm at work too.
    But thanks for the input......


  8. Love the mullet!

    I do have Dutch Beast pattern - I think BVD is hilarious! Would you want to try and start a SAL in the new year?

    Don't look now, but Brightneedle Dutch Hornbook just started at 99cents on ebay! I thought of you when I saw it!

  9. Oatmeal cookies are so yummy - I'm with you, I like raisins but not in my cookies!

    They look delicious!

  10. Hey Michelle,
    A SAL was just what I was thinking about when I popped over to your blog and saw Agnes.

    I have so many patterns now it's ridulous! LOL

    But, that Dutch beast one is from Ink Circles and I remember I had to get the floss from Vicki Clayton.
    That sounds like a good SAL for maybe starting the New Year......whatcha think?
    I'm sure you will have Agnes done by that time, right?? LOL LOL
    That is a big Scotch sampler, girl!

  11. I would love to start Dutch Beast 1 Jan! I have never done one before, so I do not know how to divide up the chart. We would need to get the word out so everyone who wanted to participate could have the materials together before Christmas.

  12. Ok, I can start a blog just for Dutch Beast and post the materials needed by the back of the pattern.
    I will look at it when I get home.
    The only SAL I have experience with is Quaker Christmas and Tanya Anderson TSG, moderated it last year and we would just show our progress from time to time.
    Let me think about it and hope I can dig it out of my stash tonight, if not, tomorrow, I'm off then, and see what it calls for.
    I remember getting the pattern at Terrie's but you have to order the threads, Vicki Clayton ones.

  13. Monica,
    A SAL is brief phrase for
    Stitch a Long....meaning a group whether online or in person stitch group that is working all on the same project during a specified period of time. If online SAL, usually you post pictures of your progress from week to week and they are quite fun. You can exchange ideas, see the same patterns in different colors, linen counts, etc.



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