Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Sneak Peak at my Morning.....

My day off starts with a kiss from BodyGuard and I yawn and stretch and then straight to the coffee pot.......even if it's mainly decaf (ok, today I added a little full leaded stuff) then I still have to have my coffee! And then my arthritic joints are calling for medicine so I can move.

So, that's perking and the sun just came out! Oh my lands, the sun, where have you been, sweetie? I love you!!!!!

So this is a quick peak out my front porch. My porch thermometer says 54 degrees. I LOVE IT! I plan much more pics to come of the fall leaf color changes today because I"m venturing out today. I'm in the mood to scrummage through yard sales, thrift stores, and such to find some treasures that are trash to others.
Probably won't find any yard sales, but I know of a few thriftie stores to search today.

And this is not a bundled blanket, there is a dog in it. He hasn't heard me yet this morning and remains to be turbanned in his blanket. This is his quiet time. He comes alive at dinner time!

ok, well, I"m going to get busy and catch up on email and such and then I'm going to start my day.
Check back with ya this afternoon or sometime!


  1. I seriously want to visit this 'country' you live in. Mountain area?

    You know, around here, all my blankets and piles of laundry to be folded have chihuahuas in them! We can never sit down without having to feel for life under our blankets.

  2. You could drive it ........oh, I don't know how long it takes. My husbands' sister lives in Oklahoma. She hasn't visited but she always says she will.
    But, man, oh , man, the mountains are where to be when Fall is here. It's like heaven. That's why BG and I moved here 8 years ago when we got married. We both find the mountains inpsirational.
    I think I related it to good memories growing up. My church always went to the mountains during Thanksgiving. The youth group. And I took to it like no yonder, I knew my heart was in the mountains.


  3. Well, I hope that your found some marvelous finds on your day out. But even if you didn't, the day alone with the sunshine and crisp temperature made for a wonderful day!

  4. The Heart of America is looking good. Loved the fall scenery.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and putting you name in for the draw.
    Good Luck!


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