Friday, October 16, 2009

Snuggles after supper

The weather did a roundabout change today and temps dropped about 15 degrees between lunch and when I got home at 7pm, late day at work.....whew! TGIF and BRRRRRR!

I put my wrap around me because the house was chilly until the heat came on. Ren is happy and settled to be in my wrap after a supper of cold cereal! His Honey and Oats is his fave.

He snuggles well. You can tell he is about to go to sleep because he got so snuggy and warm. I'm pretty "woe out" myself! As the local mountain folk say.......I'm TARD! LOL


  1. Oh sweet sweet Ren :) I had my little Miss Teagan medic dog by my side happily snoozing for the day our babies ;)


  2. cutie pa-tootie!!! I', tard toooo!!! Faye

  3. So adorable!!!
    Stay warm - it's cold here too. brrrrrrr - the heat is cranked!

  4. Such a pretty lady holding such a sweet pup.


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