Monday, October 12, 2009

Muddy Mondays

Well, North Ga. has started a Flood Fest up here ( or down here, however perspective you want to look at it)! LOL It started about the same time OctoberFest started!

Honestly, it was flooding again coming to work. But, the good news is my car is not leaking again!!!! The new windshield is working.

We have really gotten the rain here this month.

Is it full moon out there?

Body Guard is having a strange day too. He just told me his day was full of investigating a gold mine equipment theft and a complaint that an entire flock of geese got hit by a car so someone had to go clean up the entire flock on the road........strange Monday.

I guess it's a Muddy Monday for active geese with all the water. They probably thought they were in a pond but it was a highway! LOL LOL
Poor little geese......

Gotta run, or float away,


  1. Rain? More Rain? What is up with that? That is why I don't mind the desert. We do occasionally get rain such as this week we are due some. Stay dry and watch out for geese!

  2. Oh dear. More rain?! We're getting it tonight and tomorrow after 6.5 inches last week. Maybe we should get a boat?

    Hope all is well your way.

  3. Oh, I would love a trip to the dessert Carolyn!!! I went one time to Phoenix Arizona and it was so pretty out there! But I will have to admit that it was July and the low was 94 degrees at night and 117 in the day. But it was a different drier hot than here where it's humid and hot.

    Parsley, let's just trade our cars for boats now......I can see all our dogs floating in boats......LOL


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