Saturday, October 10, 2009

Signs of Peace

Tonight I want to show you a Chichi's plate, a saucer size, hamburger, all the way with fries..........
this makes Peace for yapping while I'm stitching tonight. ;)

And here's your sign! LOL
And here's my Peace block I'm working on with my new toy!!! I like this scroll frame. Having a little problem with the tension of it but I think I should have ironed this stiff Creekbed Brown before sewing on the frame. We live and learn........

It makes a comfortable seating in front of the President on TV tonight to hear his speech. I digress.......let's play nice.......LOL

But, ladies and gentlemen of the United States of America, my nominee for the next Nobel Peace Prize winner goes to~~~~~{{big drumroll}}
Mr. Renster Dalenberg, i.e. Ren

He has fought for canine rights all around the world. He has banned dog food, even premium dogfood, as a equal selection for canines.
He promises to yap endlessly until he is treated as an equal with his human counterpart.
He brings more peace to human hearts than anyone will ever know. Go Ren!


  1. I'd vote for Ren!

    My husband and I are laughing at the nice meal he got. Does he eat the lettuce too?

  2. Your LHN looks wonderful!! What a cutie Ren is. I love his sweater! :)

  3. Parsley,
    Yep, he ate lettuce and all. I think it was so good he just ate it all up.
    He flat refuses that Ceaser food. Funny. He paces the floor and whines.
    He gave me a little bit of peace tonight, but now wants those wheaties before he buries into his blanket for the night. He snores so loud it's funny.
    He probably wants a clean Tshirt on. I've been having hot flashes and cut the air on freezing so he is a little cold.
    Have you heard of medicine for dogs called Composure? This is what the vet gave him for "anxiety episodes" and it comes in liquid or tablet. He takes the liquid from me but will growl and resist my husband like a stubborn old man.
    I ask him loudly to take his MEDICINE (key word) and he opens his mouth and takes it.
    My husband, oh my, I went to a conference once out of town over night and he had to give him Amoxil for a ear infection and there was pink splashes all over the place when I got home.


  4. Great Peace post, Jennifer!

    I have a suggestion for you.... you might try basting your stitching onto your scroll rods the other way around. What I mean is, when you baste the fabric, have the rod at the top, the tape at the bottom (or underneath the rod). That way, when you roll it, the stitched area will be covered and the back will be exposed (except for the area you're stitching, of course). Then, when you lay down your rods, if you happen to set it on something dirty, your stitched area won't get dirty (just the back of your fabric). If I'm not explaining this well, shoot me an email and I'll send a picture.

    If you're piece is pretty large, stitch clips may help tighten it up - I pull mine really tight as I roll it so tension is usually pretty good but I do have to adjust from time to time.

  5. No, I haven't heard of Composure. My little Mariposa has a fear of being in a vehicle and I dose her with Bachs Rescue Remedy. It is flower essences. It helps a little.

    I can just envision the pink splotches from your husband trying to dose him. You are obviously the 'alpha' in Ren's world. LOL

  6. Yes, he got leftover Rotisserie chicken from Walmart from one day this week. He ate it right up!
    Went back into his blanket and circled around until only his but was sticking out of the blanket. He hasn't moved since.
    It's about that time right now though, that he will begin to demand his supper buffet. LOL
    You know, I here his little feet right now on the kitchen floor. He's wondering why the oven's not warming up! LOL

  7. Ren gets my vote!!! That's for sure. He looks simply TOO cute in his sweater. Way to cute. It should be forbidden to look THAT cute!!!
    And good on him to demand a plate of good tasty food. In his age he should only eat what he likes. (We're spoiling our dogs too and they wouldn't touch tin food)


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